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Can You Match These Modern Movies to Their Shakespearean Roots?

Can You Match These Modern Movies to Their Shakespearean Roots?

While Shakespeare's First Folio makes its way to OU, see if you can match these modern movie adaptations to their Shakespearean roots.

When it comes to Shakespeare knowledge, are you a Bard buff, or maybe just at the CliffsNotes level? 

No matter how much Shakespeare know-how you've got, we think you'll have fun matching these quirky and classic movies up to their Shakespearean roots.

When you're done, head over to the OU College of Arts & Science site to learn more about our inspiration for this quiz: the arrival of Shakespeare's First Folio to OU. The First Folio is the first complete collected edition of Shakespeare’s plays, published in 1623, seven years after his death. Compiled by two of Shakespeare’s fellow actors, it preserves 36 of Shakespeare’s plays.

Without it, we would not have 18 of those plays, including "Macbeth," "Julius Caesar," "Twelfth Night," "The Tempest" and "Antony and Cleopatra." (In case you didn't pick up on it: It's a pretty big deal.)

You can find more information about Shakespeare's First Folio from the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, which partnered with OU CAS to bring the book to campus, and the Folger Shakespeare Library.

And if you're looking for more content to feed your Shakespeare fix (hey, we all have our vices), check out these First Folio-inspired Q&As, stories and more: