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Huzzah! An OU vs. Texas Shakespearean Insult Generator

Huzzah! An OU vs. Texas Shakespearean Insult Generator

To celebrate the OU vs. Texas game (and arrival of Shakespeare’s First Folio to OU), we decided a little Shakespearean sneering was in order.

Thumb-biting pretty much sums up how Sooners feel about their longtime rivals, the University of Texas — or at least it did in Shakespearean times.

We're giving you a few more Shakespearean-themed insults to throw your rival's way this week as we gear up to face the Texas Longhorns (or fly-bitten bovine, if you're already down with Shakespearean dialogue).

But why Shakespeare, you ask? Well, if you haven't heard, the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History will host William Shakespeare's First Folio in January. The traveling exhibit, "First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare," hits only one site in each of the 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. And you got it: Our natural history museum right here at OU gets the great honor for the whole state of Oklahoma.

Mark your calendars for the January exhibit, and read all the details here

To generate your own Shakespearean insult, click the squares below!