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Boren To Recommend Pay Cut For OU Administrators In Budget

Boren to Recommend Pay Cuts for OU Administrators in Budget

OU President David L. Boren recommends to the Board of Regents pay cuts for top OU administrators.

NORMAN – University of Oklahoma President David Boren announced today that as part of his budget recommendations to the OU Board of Regents, he will recommend a pay cut for himself as President and other top OU administrators, including Vice Presidents and Deans of 3% on the Norman Campus for the budget year beginning July 1st.

Boren has previously announced a $20 million plan to cut OU’s budget, including a voluntary retirement plan, reductions in purchases and travel and a reduction of faculty and staff by attrition.

Boren said, “We have already cut our administrative costs at OU in half since 1994, down to almost 4.5%, one of the lowest in the nation. Our officers are outstanding and are paid in most cases less than their peers at similar universities, but in these tough times it is important for all of us to make sacrifices.

“At OU, our administrators, faculty, staff, and students are part of one family. Our university leaders want to be part of any shared sacrifice we need to make. It is a tough time for the university, for students and their parents, and for the taxpayers who struggle in the private sector. We want to do our part to help out. While the total saved will not be huge, every little bit helps, and it is important for all of us to be in the same boat together. The affected administrators have asked that the savings be designated for need-based scholarships for students,” Boren concluded.