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OU Receives Environmental Excellence Award

OU Receives Environmental Excellence Award

In honor of the 46th anniversary of Earth Month®, The Earth Month Network has selected The University of Oklahoma to receive the Environmental Excellence Award.

The university has been recognized for its campus, community and global outreach, which has shown understanding of the broad spectrum of the environment and of how the environment affects the university.

Under the direction of Dean Kelly Damphousse, OU College of Arts and Sciences has designated March 25 through April 22 as Earth Month®. The university features a growing number of environmental activities and speaker events across the Norman campus and throughout the community.

In selecting OU, Professor Brad Follett, Founder and President of Earth Month® and Earth Month Network said, “The university understands the five core environmental elements and through communication, cooperation and collaboration, it is able to engage in community outreach actively embracing the 10-Rs of sustainability.”

“Many things have changed in Oklahoma, our nation and globally over the past 46 years,” Follett continued. “We are proud that the university has taken on the role and responsibility to make positive environmental change. There is a colossal amount of needed research being performed in environmental science, biology and chemistry. The university has established a firm foundation and balance toward the sustainability process.”

Dr. David Hambright, OU Professor of Biology and Director of Environmental Studies accepted the award for the university.

Founded April 4, 1970, Earth Month® is coordinated through the Earth Month Network, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. Earth Month Network is a non-profit changing the face of environmental activism through awareness, knowledge, education, stewardship and activism; also, working on human rights issues globally.

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