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OU Sets All-Time High Retention Record


                NORMAN – University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren today announced that OU has set an all-time record of 90 percent freshman-to-sophomore retention, ranking OU among the top universities in the nation. Ninety percent of the freshmen who entered OU in the fall of 2015 returned to OU for their sophomore year beginning fall 2016. OU is one of only 34 public institutions in the nation currently reporting retention rates of 90 percent or higher.

Although the latest nationwide figures are not yet available, only 79 schools – 34 public and 45 private – currently report retention rates of 90 percent or higher. They include Yale, Harvard and Chicago, among others.

“This is one of the highest academic achievements in the University’s history,” Boren said. “The fact that 90 percent of our freshmen return to the University after their first year demonstrates that students love the OU experience more than ever.”  

 “The entire university community has reason to celebrate this remarkable milestone for OU,” he said. “It demonstrates what can be achieved by putting students first and helping them achieve their hopes and aspirations. It helps the whole state when the University of Oklahoma can stand among the best in the nation,” Boren said.

Making the landmark achievement even more significant is that it also reflects an all-time freshman-to-sophomore retention increase of 4 percent in a single year. Retention for the class entering OU in fall 2014 was 86.1 percent.

As more students come to OU and work toward obtaining their degrees, the University continues to expand scholarships and other financial aid opportunities and services.

“We are deeply committed to ensuring that a quality college education is accessible to and affordable for all,” Boren said.