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OU Launches 'Thousands Strong' Funding Platform

OU Launches 'Thousands Strong' Funding Platform

Support OU student groups, university research and community initiatives through the new "Thousands Strong" micro-funding platform.


NORMAN – “Thousands strong” – as the words in the OU Chant suggest – expand the reach and impact of the University of Oklahoma community, and those two powerful words provide the identity for a new online micro-funding platform that allows OU faculty, students and staff to raise support for student organizations, faculty/staff research, academic programs, or university-led community initiatives. 

Thousands Strong” will feature four to six mini-campaigns at one time, each designed to use social media and word-of-mouth to help attract interested supporters. 

“‘Thousands Strong’ is a fun and efficient way to engage and enlarge our OU community,” said Karen Renfroe, executive director of OU President’s Associates, who noted that the sponsor of each campaign will be responsible for its success with guidance provided by staff from the OU Office of Development. Donors can be assured that 100 percent of their gift will be designated to the campaign of their choice.

The first “Thousands Strong” campaigns established will support a scholarship for an incoming OU student to attend Camp Crimson, provide funds for teacher certification for a new OU education graduate or send a child with diabetes to a special summer camp.

“A direct benefit of Thousands Strong is that donors’ generosity provides funding to address a myriad of small projects quickly, and we’re able to showcase the wonderful things going on at OU,” Renfroe said. “But an indirect benefit is that we can show our students how important it is to give back.”

To learn more about the program and to view active campaigns, visit