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Living On Campus

8 Reasons You Want Your Sooner Living on Campus Next Fall


1. Brand new Cross Neighborhood combines comfort with convenience

New and completely furnished, Cross Neighborhood is perfect for students who want the convenience and community that comes with living on campus! Your Sooner will live comfortably in the heart of campus with new restaurants, shopping, study lounges, and gym all in their neighborhood. Opens Fall 2018!


2. Safety is a top priority

Living on campus means more safety options for your student including key card access to their building, and storm shelters. Plus, students never have to worry about repairs and have access to help whenever they need it.


3. Eat great without the hassle

With a variety of restaurants to choose from, students living on campus can enjoy food they love without grocery shopping, cooking, and washing dishes! 


4. Campus life at their fingertips

Living on campus means an ultimate convenience of being close to campus activities, leadership opportunities, and student jobs. Housing is designed to foster relationships, community engagement, and equip students to be their best selves. 


5. Academics first

Studies show that students who live on campus have a higher rate of success in college! They’re close to the academic resources they need to thrive, like tutoring and essay editing. Not only that, but lounges and study spaces built into their housing make it easy to find a peaceful place to study right down the hall.


6. Independence within community

Upperclassmen living on campus is a unique from the freshman experience. Your Sooner will enjoy more independence and freedom.


7. Close to healthcare

Getting sick away from home can be difficult. Students living on campus are close to Goddard Health Services and even a brand new clinic (Fall 2018). 


8. Parking

Students who live on campus don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot each day. There is new parking available close to the buildings and even free move-in services to make a moving in a breeze.