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Oct. 1, 2019 University Statement

University Statement

October 01, 2019

As the state’s flagship university, patriotism pervades the University of Oklahoma—from the singing of the National Anthem at major ceremonies and sporting events, to the honoring of servicemen and servicewomen as Patriot of the Game, to the investment made in programs for our nation’s veterans and armed forces.

The Undergraduate Student Congress provides students an opportunity to debate ideas in a learning environment. Members represent a diverse group of students with a wide array of viewpoints. The group’s recent resolution to discontinue the pledge at its meetings has no impact on any other organization or University policies. The vote was narrow and does not prevent future resolutions to reinstate the pledge if called for by other members of the Student Congress. 

Just as the University proudly displays its patriotism, it also celebrates the free exchange of ideas and supports students in their efforts to make space for all voices to be heard.