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Coronavirus Travel Advisory: Spring Break Travel Guidance

The message below includes information that has since been updated. For the University’s most up-to-date guidance on COVID-19, visit

March 3, 2020


Spring Break Travel Guidance for the OU Community

All Norman, HSC, and Tulsa Faculty, Staff, Students, and Residents:

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is spreading quickly worldwide and has a growing potential to disrupt international travel during the University of Oklahoma’s spring break, March 14-22, 2020.

If you are considering international travel this spring, the University and international travel officials strongly encourage you to monitor travel advisories and University guidance ( before you depart, due to the evolving nature of COVID-19.  

Depending on your destination, you may have to make difficult decisions to change or even cancel plans to ensure your own well-being and timely return to campus.

In many countries, there may be new entry and exit control measures and even quarantines implemented with very little notice during the coming weeks. These actions could severely impact your plans and/or delay your return home or your ability to return to campus once you are back in the state.

Because this situation is likely to continue to rapidly change in the weeks ahead, before you travel, we encourage you to check the University’s coronavirus travel guidelines and restrictions and the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites to find updated guidance for your destination as well as for those countries you may travel through to your destination.

Should you travel to or through any of the impacted countries listed in the University’s coronavirus travel guidelines and restrictions, you will not be permitted to return to campus or any off-campus U.S. site until you:

  1. complete the telephone medical screening through their Student/Employee Health service, and 
  2. complete the self-isolation period (currently 14 days), and
  3. complete a follow-up telephone medical screening call through Student/Employee Health: 
    Norman: (405) 325-4611; OUHSC: (405) 271-9675; OU-Tulsa: (918) 660-3102


Additional guidelines specific to employees, students, residents, and visitors upon their return from an impacted country are available here:  PLEASE NOTE: The University’s list of impacted countries is subject to change with little or no notice, so you should check this site regularly.

Updated information about COVID-19 and recommendations may be found at these sites:

OU Campus Guidelines:



VIDEO: OU Health Experts Discuss Coronavirus:


The University is monitoring this ever-changing situation and will provide updates as the situation evolves.

Goddard Health Center -
Norman Campus

(405) 325-4611

Student Health & Wellness Clinic -
Health Sciences Center

(405) 271-2577

Student & Employee Health
OU-Tulsa Campus

(918) 660-3102