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University Operations Updates

University Operations Update

March 19, 2020

Dear Employees:

As was noted in Interim President Harroz’s message to the OU community yesterday, course instruction for the Norman campus will remain online for the remainder of the spring semester. OU employees will resume work Monday, March 23. Wherever compatible with continuing operations, all supervisors should institute telecommuting plans for staff through the end of the spring semester.

Whether employees are returning to work on campus, or only to gather those resources needed to teach or work from home, we want to reassure you that multiple steps have been taken to safeguard your well-being.

OU custodial teams and outside contractors have disinfected the majority of all campus buildings during this week’s closure and will complete disinfecting the remainder of spaces by the evening of Sunday, March 22. In addition to normal cleaning procedures, this process included the use of electrostatic atomization to thoroughly treat large areas and surfaces with disinfectants made to eliminate COVID-19. Every night and throughout the day, custodial personnel are performing an intensified cleaning of common areas, surfaces, and high touch points. Facilities Management has also installed more hand sanitizer stations across campus near building entry/exit doors and elevators. These stations will be checked nightly to ensure they are filled. The university community is encouraged to submit requests for service by contacting the Facilities Management Customer Service Department at (405) 325-3060 or

When returning to campus – whether to work on-site or to collect materials from your office – please continue to practice social distancing and proper hygiene. Refer to the Human Resources website for workplace guidance and to the CDC for best hygiene practices. If you are telecommuting and need to gather resources from your office, make your trip as brief as possible and avoid unnecessary interactions. Once your telecommuting has begun, refrain from returning to campus unless it is deemed critical by your supervisor.   

Keeping our campus safe and healthy as possible is a community effort. The most important precaution all of us can take is being mindful of our personal health by following social distancing guidelines and practicing good hygiene, such as washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, avoiding touching our faces, and other prescribed methods of responsible behavior.

Please continue to visit for regular updates.


Eric W. Conrad
Vice President for University Operations and Chief Operating Officer