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If you have not visited one of our locations, in order to make an appointment you first need to register for a WCOnline account. To register, click on the "Register Here" icon below and complete the form. After you have registered, or if you already have an account, click on the "Make an Appointment" icon to sign in to WCOnline and schedule and appointment. Note that appointments are scheduled on the hour or half hour and last for 25 or 45 minutes.

Registration Facts

  • New accounts are not the same as your OU 4x4 account.
  • Save if appointment.
  • Be sure to log off.
  • If you have previously registered, but dont remember your password, continue to make an appointment and look for the "Reset your passord" link below the "Log in" button.

Schedule one of two 25 to 45 minute appointment types:

  • Video conference consultations are synchronous over video and/or chat. Writers are NOT required to enable their video during online appointments if they prefer to use chat only. 
  • Written feedback consultations are asynchronous appointments. Writers will upload their documents ahead of time to receive feedback at the end of the scheduled appointment slot.

If you are a graduate student or Post-Doc writer, please visit our  Graduate Writers page for more information on services we have for you.