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Extended Read Asynchronous Service

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Extended Read Asynchronous Service

The Writing Center offers an Extended Read service for Graduate students and Post-Docs who may submit longer documents than can be covered in our 25- or 45-minute sessions. As with all writing consultations, our primary goal for your experience through online submissions is that you learn something about writing that you can use in the future. Because of this, we want to provide feedback that is thoughtful, intentional, and useful. To help us with this, we ask that you take a minute to let us know how we can best help you. Keep in mind the following things for Extended Read submissions:

  • You can submit up to 3000 words
  • You can submit up to 2 times in one week
  • We will send a response via email within 3 business days
  • For all disciplines except Human Relations, Writing Center consultants cannot help with comprehensive exams without written permission from the professor or committee chair.


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Do you need to work in another way or with another type of media? Please let us know what is best for you as a writer and learner.

  • Phone conference
  • Online text chat