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Undergraduate Writers

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WC Undergraduate Writer


All writers need feedback, sounding boards to try out ideas on, and a second pair of eyes to help refine our writing. Our consultants are other writers, here to answer questions and be those readers you can trust. We read anything you're writing, from history papers, to Senior capstone projects, to web design projects and speeches. If you're writing it, we want to work with you on it.

Individual Writing Consultations

Meet individually with a writing consultant online to get feedback at any point in your writing process - from brainstorming to polishing. Plan ahead by making an appointment at the link below.

Bring any materials you're working with (assignment sheets, notes, drafts, research) and come prepared with questions. If you're not sure where you'd like to start, our consultants will help you discover that, too.


Writing Guides

We've created online resources to help you with everything from literature reviews to personal statements. Available 24/7 thanks to the miracle of the internet.

Writing Guides

Becoming a Writing Consultant

If you like working with people from across disciplines and around the world, consider becoming a writing consultant. We hire undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and Colleges. 

A position at the OU Writing Center offers students the opportunity to:

  • Work with writers from across disciples and from around the world
  • Conduct research
  • Present at professional and scholarly conferences
  • Publish in the field of writing centers
  • Become involved in campus leadership


Publish Your Writing

Undergraduate students make valuable contributions as researchers, scholars, and writers, too. Here are places where you can publish your work.

Publishing Your Writing