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The University of Oklahoma - FACULTY SENATE


Executive Committee:
Edgar O'Rear (Chem., Biol. & Mtrls Engr.), Chair, or
Randall Hewes (Biology), Chair-Elect
Jill Irvine (Women's & Gender Studies), Secretary
Fran Ayres (Accounting), at-large
Wayne Riggs (Philosophy), at-large
Cal Stoltenberg (Educational Psychology), at-large
Greg Burge (Economics), Faculty Welfare Commitee Chair
Lawrence Baines (Instr. Lead. & Acad Curr.), Faculty Compensation Committee Chair

Past Senate Chairs:
LeRoy Blank (Chemistry & Biochemistry) (2011-14)
Georgia Kosmopoulou (Economics) (2012-15)
Michael Bemben (Health & Exercise Science), (2013-16)

Council Chairs:
Academic Programs: Karen Hayes-Thumann (Art & Art History)
Athletics: Larry Regens (HSC - Occupational & Environmental Health)
Budget: Ron Halterman (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Campus Planning: inactive
Continuing Education: Juanita Vargas (Leadership & Pol Studies)
Faculty Awards & Honors: TBD
Information Technology: Al Schwarzkopf (Management Info. Systems)
Research: Sheena Murphy (Physics and Astronomy)

Committee on Committees:
Randall Hewes (Biology) (2013-14), Chair,
Dave Boeck (Architecture) (2012-15)
Jody Foote (University Libraries) (2013-16)
Jeff Harwell (Chem., Biol. & Mtrls. Engr.) (2012-15)
S. Lakshmivarahan (Computer Science) (2013-16)
Michael McInerney (Microbiology & Plant Biology) (2011-14)

Committee on Faculty Compensation:
Lawrence Baines (Instr. Lead. & Acad. Curr.) (2012-15), Chair,
Amy Bradshaw (Educational Psychology) (2011-14)
Nancy LaGreca (Modern Languages, Literatures & Linguistics) (2012-15)
Donna Nelson (Chemistry & Biochemistry) (2013-16)
Vassilios Sikavitsas (Chemical, Biological, & Materials Engineering) (2013-14)

Committee on Faculty Welfare:
Greg Burge (Economics) (1/2014-15), Chair,
Aparna Mitra (Economics) (2013-16)
Donna Nelson (Chemistry & Biochemistry) (1/2013-14)
Chris Ramseyer (Civil Engineering & Environmental Science) (2013-16)
Karen Rupp-Serrano (University Libraries) (1/2014-14)

Ed Cline Faculty Development Awards Committee:
Michael Ashby (Chemistry & Biochemistry) (2012-14), Chair,
Mohammed Atiquzzaman (Computer Science) (2013-15),
John Covaleskie (Educ. Lead. & Pol. Studies) (2012-14)
Marvin Lamb (Music) (2012-14)
Laurel Smith (Geog. & Environ. Sust.) (2013-15)

Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellowship Committee:
Su Fang Ng (English) (2/2014-14), College of Arts & Sciences
Michael Lee (Music) (2013-14), College of Fine Arts
Hunter Heyck (History of Science) (2013-15), College of Arts & Sciences
Jason Cytacki (Art) (2013-15), College of Fine Arts
Vicki Sturtevant (Film & Media Studies) (2013-16), College of Arts & Sciences
Harold Mortimer (Musical Theatre) (2013-16), College of Fine Arts

Research Advisory Committee to Vice President for Research (3-year term)
Hong Liu (Elec. & Comp. Engr.), (2013-16)

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