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Incoming Freshmen

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Fall 2020 Incoming Freshmen

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Oklahoma! Below you'll find a complete list of to-do items you'll need to complete before your first day of classes at OU. 

#1 Set Up Your OU Account & Email

Visit and click “New to OU? Set up your OU account.” You'll need your Sooner ID number (included in your admission letter) to create your account. Once your account has been set up, you'll see your OUNet ID (usually 4 letters and 4 numbers) and your OU email address. Take a moment to write these down along with the password that you set up. You'll use these to access and complete your post-admission checklist!

This OU account will follow you through your time at OU and will also provide access to OU resources such as enrollment, grades, course materials, computer labs, OU Libraries resources, and more. This OU account is also what you’ll use to sign in to your official OU email at If you need assistance, please call OU IT at (405) 325-4357.

#2 Log in to OU Bound

Visit to log in to OU Bound, our post-admission checklist portal. You’ll use the OU account you set up in Step #1 to log in. Your post-admission checklist is outlined in OU Bound with information on how to complete each step.

Log in to OU Bound

#3 Submit Your Enrollment Commitment

The priority deadline to commit was June 1 or within 21 days of the date of your admission, whichever is later. If you have missed the deadline, space may be available on a limited basis. Log into your OU Bound portal for more information or contact us at 405-325-2151 or


Post-Admission Checklist

You will find information on all these steps in OU Bound, which you can access by logging into OU will email you when checklist items become available to complete, so be sure to check it regularly. Here are the things you must do to join the Sooner family:

  • Apply for and Accept Financial Aid

    Visit to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). We strongly encourage you to complete this by our priority filing deadline of December 15.
  • Complete Your Housing Contract

    Complete a housing contract to outline your housing, meal plan, and roommate preferences. Completing a housing contract does NOT commit you to OU. The sooner you complete your housing contract, the better the chance you’ll get your preferences! Students who have submitted their enrollment commitment will receive a housing assignment over the summer to their OU email address. Visit to learn more about your housing options and click here to view our housing FAQ page.
  • Check Your OU Email Account (Regularly!)

    Visit to check your OU email. Many OU departments will only communicate with you via this email address, so it is important that you check it regularly. This is where you will be notified about financial aid and housing.
  • Complete Your Mandatory Online Training

    Complete mandatory online training at You must do this before you can schedule your New Sooner Orientation Day. 
  • Take the New Sooner Survey

    Complete the New Sooner Survey. You must do this before you can schedule your New Sooner Orientation Day.
  • Schedule Your Virtual New Sooner Orientation Day

    New Sooner Orientation Day will take place virtually the summer of 2020. You will still meet one-on-one with your academic advisor and enroll in your first semester of classes. Orientation occurs between May and July, and you must schedule your orientation by June 15. Click here to view requirements to complete prior to your Orientation Day. 
  • Complete the Pre-Advising Questionnaire

    In order for your advisor to best prepare for your advising session, it is essential that you complete and submit the brief New Sooner Orientation 2020 Questionnaire at least three days prior to your Orientation Day. You can access the New Sooner Orientation 2020 Pre-Advising Questionnaire here.

  • Review Your Math Placement

    After you register for your New Sooner Orientation Day, you will receive a math offer from the University of Oklahoma. Your math offer will include the most ideal course for you to start in relative to your major based on your ACT/SAT scores and your high school academic experiences. It is very important you send OU any updated ACT/SAT scores as soon as possible, so you can receive your most accurate math offer. You can review your math offer by logging in to your New Sooner Orientation registration confirmation page. Your academic advisor will go over your math offer during your New Sooner Orientation Day.

    For additional information or questions about your math offer or how it relates to major interests, please email or by phone at (405) 325-3521.

    If you would like to be placed into a higher math course you can assess with our math placement assessment. If you have questions about your math offer, the math assessment, concurrent enrollment credit, AP/IB exams, or credit from another university, please click here.
  • Complete Your Financial Success Plan

    Now available in your OU Bound portal, your Financial Success Plan outlines your out-of-pocket expense to attend OU and helps you create a plan for how to pay for college. You’ll have access to an OU MoneyCoach who partners with you to develop a plan to fund your college degree. By completing the Financial Success Plan prior to your New Sooner Orientation Day, your MoneyCoach will be able to connect you to available resources to pay for college. You will meet with your MoneyCoach during your orientation. Your MoneyCoach will not offer banking services or award loans but will simply serve as your financial advisor throughout your time at OU and will be there to celebrate with you as you earn your OU degree. We encourage you to visit with your family as you work on your Financial Success Plan.
  • Complete Health Requirements

    You must submit a Certification of Compliance that states you are aware of the state of Oklahoma’s immunization requirements, which are outlined in the Certification. Complete this at
  • Send Your Final High School Transcript

    Once you graduate from high school, you must have your high school send OU your final high school transcript verifying your date of graduation. This must be submitted directly from your high school, so please touch base with your high school counselor to complete this.




The items listed below are not mandatory to complete prior to becoming a Sooner, however, we encourage you to review the list as some items may be of interest to you:

  • Apply to OU’s Honors College

    Through OU's Honors College, you can enroll in courses taught by nationally acclaimed faculty. Classes are limited to fewer than 22 students, and honors students participate in undergraduate research opportunities, study aboard and excel in this supportive community. For admission requirements and to apply, visit
  • Sign Up for Camp Crimson

    Camp Crimson will be hosted online this summer from June 22 - August 7. Students will be placed into small groups based upon the interests they select on the registration form. Students are encouraged to spend one hour per week focused on informational modules (Campus Success, Academics, Involvement, Leadership, etc.), but the remainder of time will be spent getting to know your small group. There is NO COST to attend Camp Crimson. Click here to register by June 19. 
  • Consider Start Sooner

    If you're interested in starting your college courses early, consider Start Sooner online this summer! Start Sooner helps you get acclimated to campus, allowing you to start OU classes a month early. This summer, Start Sooner program transitioning to a modified version of the program that will allow students to continue their coursework online with guidance and insight from the Start Sooner staff. Start Sooner dates will still run from July 5-30, 2020. The price will include tuition and fees for 6 credit hours of class and a program fee of $50. Learn more at
  • Explore the OU Online Bookstore

    OU’s Bookstore is online, so students can get the right book at the right price! Click here to learn how to order your textbooks and course materials.
  • Get a Parking Permit

    You may purchase a parking permit for the fall 2020 - spring 2021 school year in spring of 2020. If you live in student housing, you will need to purchase a parking permit. OU offers plenty of parking spaces only a short walk from where you'll live.
  • Consider the Student Health Plan

    The OU Student Health Plan offers full coverage for preventative care as well as free services at OU’s on-campus health clinic, Goddard Health Center. With affordable pricing, the OU Student Health Plan is less expensive than the marketplace and many employer plans so you can budget wisely for the school year. Learn more about OU’s Student Health Plan to find the right fit for you.
  • Purchase OU Football & Men’s Basketball Tickets

    OU Athletics will notify students via their OU email in August 2020 about purchasing football and men's basketball tickets. All other OU sports are free to attend for students. Just show up, show your official student ID and support the Sooners. View complete information for student football and men's basketball season tickets at
  • Purchase University Theatre Season Subscription

    OU’s University Theatre program offers multiples performances throughout the year. Student Season Subscriptions go on sale starting August 2020, but individual student ticket purchases are available. Visit for more information.
  • Participate in Student Orientation Weekend

    Student Orientation Weekend is scheduled four days before classes begin and is full of activities and information designed to welcome you to the University of Oklahoma. Scheduled to coincide with residence hall move-in, the weekend is packed with opportunities to meet great people, get acquainted with the campus and community and learn about the many services and programs that will help you succeed as a Sooner.