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Post Admission Resources

What is deferred enrollment?

Certain admitted undergraduate degree seeking (freshman and transfer) students may request a deferral of enrollment for up to one year (two for religious mission trips) from the entry term they initially applied to. Students granted deferred enrollment may not enroll at another college, university, or in a program that grants credit through an accredited institution (in the United States or abroad). A deferred student who does so will forfeit their deferred admission status.

What types of deferral requests are typically granted?

Deferred enrollment requests that are typically, but not automatically, approved include non-academic cultural experiences, participation in military basic training, the pursuit of specialized pre-professional opportunities such as junior hockey or professional ballet/dance organizations, participation in structured non-academic gap year programs, or requests made due to significant medical concerns.

Who is eligible to request a deferral of enrollment?

  • All direct from high school freshmen students may request a deferral.
  • Active-duty military personnel
  • Students with documented chronic medical conditions. 

What is the process to defer enrollment?

Please complete our deferred enrollment form by clicking here.

If your request for deferred enrollment is granted:

  • Submit any final transcripts.
  • Once all updated documents are submitted, a final review of your file will take place.
  • A new admission letter will be mailed to you once the University begins formally admitted students for your new intended entry term.
  • Follow the instructions within your admission letter to transition to OU.

If your request for deferred enrollment is denied:

  • You may reapply for admission when your desired entry term opens for applications.

May I appeal a denial of deferred admission?

All decisions are final and may not be appealed.

If you were admitted to OU but do not plan to attend OU, please let us know by emailing You will be removed from all OU communication.

Resident status is granted to financially independent adults who are permanently residing in Oklahoma and who have been physically and continuously present in the State of Oklahoma for at least one calendar year prior to the first day of class attendance at any Oklahoma institution of higher education; and who, during this one-year period, resided in Oklahoma for some reason other than primarily to attend classes at a post-secondary educational institution.

For more information on residency status, please click here.