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The University of Oklahoma
Office of the Bursar

Flat-Rate Tuition

In an effort to save students money throughout their OU career, a new flat rate tuition and mandatory fees program will be implemented fall 2013. The rate is to be based on OU's current 15-credit hour rate of tuition and mandatory fees. This program allows full-time undergraduate students to enroll in up to 21 credit hours and only pay for 15. Students registered in fewer than 12 hours will continue to pay on a per credit hour basis. The University will not raise in-state tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Benefits of Flat-Rate Tuition

Encourages students to graduate sooner which will:


  • allow them to enter the workforce earlier and earn one or two years of additional income during their chosen careers.
  • save them one or two years of room, board, transportation and other college related expenses.
  • reduce student loan debt.

Flat-Rate Tuition Details

  • Part-time students (enrolled in 1-11 hours) will be charged tuition on a per credit hour basis. Any undergraduate student registered in 12 hours or more will be charged a flat rate based on the current 15 credit hour rate for tuition and mandatory fees. Students are encouraged to take 15 or more hours in order to receive maximum benefit from flat-rate tuition.
  • College program, technology and course fees will be charged at a per credit hour rate. 

  • Flat-rate tuition does not apply to Graduate, Law, Advanced Program, and Liberal Studies only students. Those students will be charged on a per credit hour basis for tuition and fees.

  • Summer courses will continue to be charged on a per credit hour basis.

  • Full-time undergraduate students who are unable to register for 30 hours for fall and spring (but pay the flat-rate) will have the option to participate in the summer session incentive program. This will allow students to have up to 6 hours of their tuition and mandatory hourly fees exempted. Students will be responsible for college, course, academic excellence, and semesterly fees. For example, a student who has registered in 12 hours for fall and 12 hours for spring will receive an exemption for 6 hours of tuition and mandatory hourly fees. May and August Intersession are included in the summer term.


An appeals process has been established for students with special circumstances who are unable to enroll in 15 credit hours. The appeal form must be completed by the student and returned with documentation to the Office of the Bursar for review. The student will be notified by OU email once a decision is made regarding their appeal. Students who may be eligible for exemptions include:


  • Students with disabilities.
  • Students graduating in the Fall with 15 hours or less. Or, graduating in Spring, with 24 hours or less.
  • Students studying abroad.
  • Students with health issues.
  • Students with unforeseen circumstances that directly affect them.
  • Students who are under contractual agreements (academic and/or scholarship) with the university that limit enrollments to less than 15 credit hours.
  • Students in official University sponsored activities to which he/she commits 25 or more hours per week for a substantial portion of the term.
The final day to appeal for Spring is May 4, 2014.  No appeals will be accepted after this date.
Appeals for the 2014-2015 academic year will be accepted beginning August 1, 2014.  The deadline for Fall or Academic Year are due no later than January 9, 2015.  Spring appeals will be accepted until May 1, 2015.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does flat rate tuition include?

Flat-rate includes undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees. Mandatory fees are:


Health and Wellness Fee, Cultural and Recreation Fee, Academic Records Fee, Academic Advising Fee, International Student Fee, Academic Facility & Life Safety Fee, Student Activity Fee, Assessment Fee, Education Network Connectivity Fee, Library Excellence Fee, Student Facility Fee, Transit Fee, Security Services Fee, Special Event Fee, *Academic Excellence Fee and International Programs Fee.


*Academic Excellence Fees from academic years 2003 and 2005.


Individual course and college fees will be charged on a per credit hour basis. The Academic Excellence Fees based on year of admittance are also charged on a per credit hour basis.




I’m currently registered in 12 or more hours and paying the flat tuition rate. What happens if add a December Intersession course?

Tuition and mandatory fees for a December Intersession course will be covered by the flat rate tuition. You will be responsible for any additional per credit hour course, college program, college tech and Academic Excellence charges.


I am a graduate student taking one or more undergraduate level course(s).  How will I be charged?

Students are charged based on the level of student, not the level of the courses they take.  Graduate students will be charged the graduate rate for all the courses they take, regardless of the level of the courses.


I am an undergraduate student taking one or more graduate course(s).  How will I be charged?

Students are charged based on the level of student, not the level of the courses they take.  Undergraduate students will be charged the undergraduate rate for all the courses they take, regardless of the level of the courses.  As undergrads, students will be subject to flat rate if they are enrolled in 12 hours or more.


I am an Oklahoma Promise recipient. What options do I have regarding flat rate tuition?

You are encouraged to increase your hours of enrollment to receive full benefit of flat rate tuition or bank your tuition and mandatory fees to be applied to summer course charges. If you are unable to do so you may file for an appeal allowing tuition and mandatory fees to be reduced to per credit hour rates. 


I am currently on a contract with my college that restricts my registration to 12 hours. Do I have to pay flat rate tuition?

Your registration in 12 hours will allow you to bank hours for summer. If you are unable to use your banked hours towards summer coursework you may file an appeal to be exempted from flat rate tuition. 


If I take 12 hours in the fall and 18 hours in the spring and pay flat rate tuition, can I bank?

The banking option for students is based on 30 hours of registration for the fall and spring semesters. In this instance you would not be allowed to bank summer hours.


If I take 18 hours in the fall and 13 hours in the spring, can I still apply for a spring exemption?

Since your total enrollment for the academic year is greater than 30 hours, you will not qualify for an exemption in the spring, even though that semester you are in fewer than 15 hours.  This is known as the "Rule of 30," and it follows the same rule that you would not bank if your enrollment totals 30 or greater hours.


I'm an undergraduate student who can't enroll in 15 hours per semester due to my demanding work schedule.  What can I do?

You may be eligible to apply for the work assistance tuition waiver.  This tuition waiver was established by President Boren specifically to help undergraduate students who work long hours to help pay for their education.  For more information and how to apply, go to:  


Is the work assistance tuition waiver awarded by semester?

The work assistance tuition waiver is awarded for the entire academic year if awarded in the fall semester.  If conditions of the scholarship are not met, the award is subject to reduction.  Students can also apply for the spring only.  For more information, go to: or contact


I’m a senior with 24 hours needed to graduate. What are my options?

You may file an appeal to be exempt from flat rate tuition.


I am an undergraduate student who has registered for 12 hours for fall and 12 hours for spring and graduated. Can I bank those hours for graduate level courses for summer?

No, you will not be able to use those hours toward graduate level work. Flat rate tuition applies only to undergraduate students. You may apply for an exemption if you know that you will finish your degree in the spring and do not plan to be able to use those hours banked for summer.


I have been suspended for the summer but banked hours during the fall and spring semester. Will I be able to use those for another summer term?

No, hours banked will not roll from one summer to the next.


My summer course has been canceled due to low enrollment. What happens to my banked hours?

You are encouraged to find a replacement summer course to take advantage of your banked hours.


If my appeal is approved when will it be reflected on my Bursar Account?

Adjustments to accounts will begin after the third week of classes.  Once adjustments begin, they will be made within one week of your appeal being approved.  Please check to view your account status.  You are responsible for your account, including any service charges incurred while waiting for an appeal to be processed.












For additional information please contact:

The Office of the Bursar

(405) 325-3121