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Anthro Elective Category List

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Anthropology Electives List

A discussion of the OU Major and Minor can be found here and the the official checksheet for the major can be found here. These degrees require that the electives satisfy certain distributions. For the major, the choice of electives must satisfy these rules:

  1. At least one of the electives must be a Methods class. The list below indicates which classes are Methods classes.

  2. At least three different subfields must be represented in the 3000 and 4000-level electives. The list below indicates which subfield(s) the classes are associated with.

  3. Students must have at least 15 hours of electives at the 3000- and 4000-levels. 

Note that some Anthropology electives may fulfill more than one subfield or can fulfill both
subfield and research methods categories. In these cases, completing one course may
satisfy two distribution requirements. For example, a student whose first class is designated Biological & Research Methods and whose second class is Socio-Cultural & Linguistic would fulfill requirements #1 and #2 above with those two classes alone.

Course NumberCourse NameElective Categories
1113General AnthropologyLower Division Elective
1203Language Across Cultures
Lower Division Elective
1253Folklore and FolklifeLower Division Elective
1413Great Discoveries in ArchaeologyLower Division Elective
1523Prehistoric Foundations of Old WOrld Ciivilization
Lower Division Elective
1613Native Peoples of OklahomaLower Division Elective
Beginning American Indian Languages ILower Division Elective
1723Beginning American Indian Languages II
Lower Division Elective
1823Religion in Everyday LifeLower Division Elective
Plagues and People: Health and Disease in Human SocietyLower Division Elective
1999Lower Division Transfer Credit
Decided by adviser based on content
2203Global Cultural DiversityNA (Required Course)
2253Human and Animal Interaction Across CulturesLower Division Elective
2303  General LinguisticsNA (Required Course)
2533Exploring Human EvolutionLower Division Elective
2613Native Peoples of North AmericaLower Division Elective
2643Anthropology of Diet, Health and Disease
Lower Division Elective
2733Intermediate American Indian Languages
Lower Division Elective
2953Topics in AnthropologyDecided by adviser based on content
2970Special Topics/SeminarDecided by adviser based on content
3063Language and CultureSocio-Cultural and Linguistics
3083Advanced Studies in Folklore and Epressive Culture
Socio-Cultural and Linguistics
3113Principles of ArchaeologyNA (Required Course)
3203Introduction to Biological AnthropologyNA (Required Course)
3253Applied AnthropologySocio-Cultural
3263Studies in EthnographySocio-Cultural
3373Archaeology of Death and Burial
3423Anthropology of ReligionSocio-Cultural
3440Mentored Research Experience
Decided by adviser based on content
3453Contemporary Native American Issues
3503Oklahoma PrehistoryArchaeology
3553Peoples of the Pacific Islands
3713Native American Artistic Traditions
3743American Indian Justice in Cultural Law
3783The Anthropology of Slavery and Captivity
Archaeology & Socio-Cultural
3803Asian PrehistoryArchaeology
3810Internship in Linguistic AnthropologyLinguistics
3853Music, Language and Culture
Socio-Cultural & Linguistics
3873Primate Evolution and Behavior
3883Archaeology of South AmericaArchaeology
3893Maya, Aztec and Inca: High Civilizations of Ancient America
3910Internship in Biological AnthropologyHHB
3920Internship in Museum AnthropologyDecided by adviser based on content
3930Fieldwork in ArchaeologyMethods & Archaeology
3940Internship in ArchaeologyArchaeology
3943Psychological AnthropologySocio-Cultural
3950Internship in Cultural AnthropologySocio-Cultural
3953Proseminar in AnthropologyDecided by adviser based on content
3960Honors ReadingDecided by adviser based on content
3980Honors ResearchDecided by adviser based on content
3990Independent StudyDecided by adviser based on content
3999Upper Division Transfer Credit
Decided by adviser based on content
4003Museum Anthropology I
4023Museum Anthropology IIMethods
4033Story, Performance, Event
Socio-Cultural & Linguistics
4063Language, Contact, Loss, and Revitalization
4073Anthropology of Jews and JewishnessSocio-Cultural
4083Genetic Perspectives on Human EvolutionHHB
4103People and Plants
4113Anthropology Capstone
NA (Required Course)
4133Experimental ArchaeologyArchaeology
4143Economy and Culture: Production, Exchange, ConsumptionSocio-Cultural
4163The Study of Material Culture
Archaeology & Socio-Cultural
4183Anthropology of Diet and NutrutionHHB
4193Human AdaptabilityHHB
4223The Anthropology of Childhood
Socio-Cultural & HHB
4233Seminar in Advanced Curatorial Practice
4253The Anthrpology of Communiities
Methods & Socio-Cultural
4283Curriculum and Teaching Materials Development for Endangered Languages
Methods & Linguistics
4303Women and Development in AfricaSocio-Cultural
4313Introduction to Native American Languages
4323The Anthropology of Aging
Socio-Cultural & HHB
4330Topics in Linguistic AnthropologyLinguistics
4343The Archaeology of Belief: Religion and Cosmology in the Past
4363Linguistic Field MethodsMethods & Linguistics
4373Dictionaries and the LexiconMethods & Linguistics
4383Archaeological Origins of Inequality
4413Public ArchaeologyArchaeology
4423Introduction to Population GeneticsHHB
4443Visual AnthropologySocio-Cultural
4463Peopling of the New World
4483Contemporary Native American Language Studies
4503Anthropological Perspectives on GlobalizationSocio-Cultural
4523Anthropology of MediaSocio-Cultural
4553Human Evolutionary HistoryHHB
4593Anthropology of Human ReproductionHHB
4603Human VariationHHB
4623Approaches to Cross-Cultural Human ProblemsSocio-Cultural
4633Cultures and Communities of Latin America
4643Psychiatric AnthropologySocio-Cultural & HHB
4653Ethnology of the Greater Southwest
4663Native Peoples of the Plains
4673Anthropology of the Caddoan PeopleArchaeology
4683Quantitative Data Analysis in the Social Sciences and Anthropology
4713Statistical Concepts in AnthropologyMethods
4723Gender and HealthSocio-Cultural & HHB
4743Culture Contact in the New World
4763Archaeological Analysis: Methds, Theory and Practice
Methods & Archaeology
4783Landscape Archaeology
4813Archaeology of North America
4823Medical AnthropologySocio-Cultural & HHB
4833Archaeology of the Great Plains
4843Cross-Cultural Study of Sex, Gender and Sexuality
4853Archaeology of the Greater Southwest
4863Archaeology of the SoutheastArchaeology
4873Desert Cultures of North America
4903Race and Ethnicity
4930Advanced Fieldwork in Anthropology
Methods & Archaeology
4943Human Osteology and PaleopathologyMethods & HHB
4953Special Topics in Anthropology
Decided by adviser based on content
4960Directed ReadingsDecided by adviser based on content
4970Special Topics/SeminarDecided by adviser based on content
4973Introduction to Faunal AnalysisMethods & Archaeology
4980Bachelor of Arts Thesis
Decided by adviser based on content
4990Independent StudyDecided by adviser based on content
Electives Permitted from Outside Anthropology
Any Field
Study AbroadGeneral Elective

Record of Changes

  • The list was first created and approved in academic year 2015-16 as part of revisions to the major and minor
  • July 2016 - ANTH 4183, 4223, 4503, 4683, and 4783 added to list because they were added to course catalog.