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New Faculty Positions in
Biology of Behavior

Neuron and Network

We are excited to announce two open positions as part of the planned strategic growth in the Department of Biology. We invite creative, innovative, dynamic individuals who would like to be part of a strong team to apply for the following tenured/tenure-track faculty positions, which begin fall 2018:

  • A Behavioral Geneticist who uses transcriptomic or related “–omics” methods to examine the evolution or regulation of organismal behavior. As part of our Biology of Behavior strategic initiative, the department is committed to building an internationally recognized center of excellence in the biology of organismal behavior.
  • A Proteomics expert using proteomics methods to address wide-ranging basic and translational research problems that bridge biological and anthropological sciences. 

We are searching for collaborative thinkers to join us in taking an integrative and multifaceted approach to revealing the ultimate and proximate causes of behavior as well as integrating evolutionary, developmental, physiological and genetic mechanisms of behavior from the social to molecular levels.

Apply at the links below:

Behavioral Geneticist (open rank)

Assistant Professor (Proteomics)


Biology Majors Elected to Phi Beta Kappa for 2018

We are delighted to announce  that 46 of our most outstanding Biology majors were just honored by being elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest honor society for the liberal arts and sciences in the United States. It is widely recognized as the most prestigious honor society in the nation and we are very proud to have such a strong group of outstanding students.

The following students were elected to Phi Beta Kappa for 2018:

Jake Sanders Boone, Rachel E. Brill,

Matthew Cade Bross, Emily Marie Brumfield,

Lynn Xuan Bui, Casey Ruoying Cai, Matthew James Carman,

Andrew Y. Chang, Ameel H. Chaudhary,

Preston M. Choi, Adrienne Victoria Coyle,

Brooke Katelyn Crow, Chloe J. Denham,

Madeleine C. Duarte, Katherine Rhae Egger,

Chelsea R. Evans, Romy I. Fawaz,

Kasey L. Gill, Ryan James Grantham,

Michael Alexander Hamilton, Christopher G. Hendrix

Averie J. Hicks, Tomas Holy,

Weslie Conner Howard, Uday Kohli,

Kristen M. Kluber, Michael Andrew Kutteh,

Katherine Q. Le, Cameron Scott Lewis,

Yijin Liang, Cooper K. Little,

Jamison Power Maxwell, Mitchell G. McClain,

Jessica K. Murphree, Billy Nguyen,

William H. Norlin, Joshua P. Pascoe,

Michelle Lauren Penrod, Kyndal A. Pistotnik,

James Edward Reeves, Kaylee B. Schrader,

Honieh Sowdagar, Thuc-Nghi Truong,

Jonna L. Vanderslice Malone,

Dakota Daniel Vaughan, Brittney A. Williams