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Biology Faculty

  • Daniel C. Allen, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma, 2011), Assistant Professor.
    Community ecology; ecosystem ecology; stable isotope ecology; stream and riparian ecology
  • Elizabeth A. Bergey, Ph.D. (University of California-Berkeley, 1992), Associate Professor and Associate Heritage Biologist, OBS. Aquatic biology; stream ecology
  • Ari Berkowitz, Ph.D. (Washington University, St. Louis, 1993), Professor.
    Neurobiology and control of movements
  • Eric G. Bright, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma, 2015), Instructor.
  • Richard E. Broughton, Ph.D. (Arizona State University, 1995), Professor, Chair and Biologist, OBS. Molecular evolution and phylogenetics of fishes
  • Richard L. Cifelli, Ph.D., (Columbia University, 1983), Presidential Professor and Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, SNOMNH. Mammalogy; systematics; evolutionary biology; comparative anatomy
  • David S. Durica, Ph.D. (University of Connecticut, 1977), Professor. Developmental genetics; gene organization and expression
  • Jess R. Eberle, M.S. (University of Oklahoma, 2015), Instructor.
  • Ola M. Fincke, Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1983), Professor.  Behavioral ecology of insects; tropical ecology
  • Douglas D. Gaffin, Ph.D. (Oregon State University, 1994), David Ross Boyd Professor, Joseph Brandt Professor, Presidential Professor. Scorpion sensory biology
  • J. Phil Gibson, Ph.D. (University of Colorado, 1995), Associate Professor. Evolutionary ecology, plant reproduction, plant-animal interactions
  • Cynthia Gordon, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma, 2003), Associate Professor.
    Functional morphology, evolutionary ecology
  • K. David Hambright, Ph.D. (Cornell University, 1991), Professor and Director, Environmental Studies. Limnology; microbial, plankton, and fish ecology; predator-prey interactions; aquatic food webs paleolimnology
  • Randall S. Hewes, Ph.D. (University of Washington, 1993), Professor and Dean, Graduate College. Cellular neurobiology and molecular genetics
  • Kenneth R. Hobson, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 1992), Associate Professor. Insect ecology; forest entomology; chemical ecology; entomology
  • Mariëlle H. Hoefnagels, Ph.D. (Oregon State University, 1997), Associate Professor. Soil microbiology; mycology; biology education
  • Michael E. Kaspari, Ph.D. (University of Arizona, 1992), Presidential Professor and George Lynn Cross Research Professor. Community ecology; biodiversity; entomology; macroecology
  • Jeffrey F. Kelly, Ph.D. (Colorado State University, 1996), Professor, Director, OBS and Associate Heritage Zoologist, OBS. Conservation biology, avian ecology; stable isotope applications in ecology; distribution and abundance of vertebrates in Oklahoma
  • Heather Ketchum, Ph.D. (Texas A&M, 2002), Associate Professor. Medical-veterinary and forensic entomology
  • Rosemary Knapp, Ph.D. (Arizona State University, 1996), Professor. Comparative neuroendocrinology and physiology; reproductive behavior
  • Hayley Lanier, Ph.D. (2010, University of Alaska), Assistant Curator of Mammalogy and Assistant Professor. Evolution and ecology of mammals, phylogeography
  • Eric M. Lee, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma, 2014), Lecturer. Cellular behavioral neurobiology; transcription factor regulation of neural crest development
  • Christian H. Lemon, Ph.D. (Binghamton University, State University of New York, 2001), Associate Professor. Systems neurophysiology; sensory processing in flavor, taste, and pain
  • Michael A. Mares, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin, 1973), Presidential Professor and Joeseph Brandt Professor of Biology, Curator of Mammalogy, and Director of Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. Evolutionary ecology; desert ecology; community development; biogeography; population ecology; mammalogy
  • Michael R. Markham, Ph.D. (University of New Mexico, 1994), Case-Hooper Associate Professor of Biology and Asssitant Chair. Neurobiology and energetics of animal communication systems
  • Edie Marsh-Matthews, Ph.D. (University of Texas,  1980), Professor and Director, Laboratory Animal Resources. Evolutionary ecology, community ecology, ichthyology
  • Katie E. Marshall, Ph.D. (University of Western Ontario, 2013), Assistant Professor. Physiological and geographical ecology
  • Katharine A. Marske, Ph.D. (University of Auckland, 2010), Assistant Professor .
    Comparative phylogeography, community ecology, and macroecology
  • John P. Masly, Ph. D. (University of Rochester, 2007), Associate Professor.
    Evolution and development of complex traits; evolutionary genetics
  • William J. Matthews, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma, 1977), Professor. Ichthyology; fish ecology
  • David McCauley, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin, 1997), Associate Professor.
    Evolutionary developmental biology; basal vertebrate development
  • Matthew J. Miller, Ph.D. (University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2008), Assistant Professor Assistant Curator of Ornithology, SNOMNH. Avian biology; emergent diseases Neotropical birds
  • Thomas S. Ray, Ph.D. (Harvard University, 1981), Professor. Evolutionary biology; ecology; tropical biology; digital evolution; pharmacology
  • Ashlee Rowe, Ph.D. (2004, North Carolina State University), Assistant Professor (Incoming January 2018). Sensory and motor systems and their role in the evolution of adaptive behavior
  • Matt Rowe, Ph.D. (1984, University of California at Davis), Professor (Incoming January 2018). Coevolution between predators and prey
  • Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka, Ph.D. (Medical Academy of Gdansk, 1987), Associate Professor. Cellular biology; cytoskeleton and cell motility; wound healing
  • Ingo Schlupp, Dr. rer. nat. (Universität Hamburg, 1995), Presidential Professor..
    Gynogenetic mating systems; evolution and maintenance of sexual reproduction; sexual selection; population biology of fishes including conservation biology
  • Tarren J. Shaw, Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University, 2009), Lecturer.
    Cognition and behavior, educational technology, curriculum development
  • Cameron D. Siler, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 2011), Assistant Professor and Assistant Curator of Herpetology, SNOMNH. Evolutionary biology; biogeography; herpetology
  • James N. Thompson, jr., Ph.D. (University of Cambridge, 1973), David Ross Boyd Professor. Population genetics; quantitative variation; mutation
  • Caryn C. Vaughn, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma, 1984), Presidential Professor and George Lynn Cross Research Professor. Stream ecology; conservation biology
  • Lawrence J. Weider, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1984), Professor.
    Evolutionary ecology; aquatic ecology; ecological genetics of zooplankton
  • Gary A. Wellborn, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1993), Professor and Director, OU Biological Station. Population ecology; community ecology; evolutionary ecology; behavior

Affiliated Research Scientists

  • Janet K. Braun, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
  • Eli Bridge, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Oklahoma Biological Survey
  • Bruce A. Carnes, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor
    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • Nicholas J. Czaplewski, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
  • S. Terence Dunn, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor
    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • Anthony A. Echelle, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor
    Oklahoma State University
  • Daniel Feeback, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor
  • Jenna J. Hellack, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor
    University of Central Oklahoma
  • Eric W. Howard, Ph.D., Affiliate Associate Professor
    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • Philip K. Morton, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Murray State College
  • Robert W. Nairn, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor
    Civil Engineering and Environmental Science
  • Michael A. Patten, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor
    Oklahoma Biological Survey
  • Jeremy Ross, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor. Migration Biology; Avian Ecology, Oklahoma Biological Survey.
  • G. Bradley Schaefer, M.D., Affiliate Professor
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock
  • Regina M. Sullivan, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor
    Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, NYU
  • Donald A. Wilson, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor
    Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, NYU
  • Celeste R. Wirsig-Wiechmann, Ph.D., Affiliate Associate Professor
    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • Xiangming Xiao, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
    Department of Botany and Microbiology, and Center for Spatial Analysis

Biology Faculty Emeritus

  • Joseph A. Bastian, Ph.D (University of Notre Dame, 1969), George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emeritus
    Comparative neurophysiology
  • Janalee P. Caldwell, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 1974), Professor Emeritus and Curator Emeritus, SNOMNH
    Herpetology, ecology, and behavior of amphibians
  • Howard B. Haines, Ph.D. (University of Texas, 1961), Professor Emeritus
    Comparative and environmental physiology
  • Penny M. Hopkins, Ph.D. (Tulane University, 1970), Professor Emeritus
    Endocrinology; hormonal control of molting and regeneration in Crustacea
  • Victor H. Hutchison, Ph.D. (Duke University, 1959), George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emeritus
    Comparative endocrinology; physiological ecology; herpetology
  • Douglas W. MockPh.D. (University of Minnesota, 1976), George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emeritus
    Social behavior of birds; evolution of behavior
  • Gary D. Schnell, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 1969), Professor Emeritus and Curator Emeritus of Birds, SNOMNH
    Systematics; numerical systematics; evolutionary biology; ornithology
  • Patricia L. Schwagmeyer, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1979), Professor Emeritus
    Behavioral ecology of vertebrates; social behavior
  • Frank Seto, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1953), Professor Emeritus
    Avian developmental immunology
  • William L. Shelton, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma, 1972), Professor Emeritus
    Fish culture; fisheries biology
  • Frank J. Sonleitner, Ph.D. (University of Chicago, 1959), Associate Professor Emeritus
    Population ecology; ecogenetics; entomology
  • Laurie J. Vitt, Ph.D. (Arizona State University, 1976), George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emeritus and Curator EmeritusSNOMNH
    Herpetology, ecology and life histories of reptiles