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Faculty Committee Members

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“The Executive Committee … will advise the Dean on policy, planning and budget issues...[and] will meet at least once a month, with other meetings scheduled by the committee as needed.” (A&S Faculty Bylaws)

Faculty MemberDepartment
AreaTerm Ends
Ryan BiselCommunicationSocial Sciences
Amanda Cobb-GreethamNative American StudiesHumanities2020
Elizabeth KarrMPBIO Natural Sciences 2020
Tina Dothard PetersonSWKProfessional Programs2020
June AbbasSLISProfessional Programs2021
Eugenia FuenzalidaPsychologySocial Sciences2021
Jeff KellyBiology Natural Sciences2021 
Julie WardMLLLHumanities2021

"The Course and Curriculum Committee…will be charged with reviewing proposals for course changes, new courses, program changes, new degrees, and any other curricular or program matters submitted to CAS for approval... [the committee] normally will meet several times each semester in September-October and January-February. Other meetings may be scheduled by the committee as needed." (A&S Faculty Bylaws)

Faculty MemberDepartment
AreaTerm Ends
Eugenia Cox-FuenzalidaPsychologySocial Sciences

Cindy Gordon
Biological SurveyNatural Sciences
Jennifer HackneySociologyAt-Large2021
David McLeodSWKProfessional Programs2021
Bala SahoHistoryHumanities2021 

“The Teaching and Research Support Committee… will be charged with examining ways to enhance the teaching and research functions in the college... [the committee] normally will meet twice each semester, with other meetings scheduled by the committee as needed.” (A&S Faculty Bylaws)

Faculty MemberDepartment
AreaTerm Ends
Phil GibsonBiologyNatural Sciences2020
Myongjin KimEconomicsSocial Sciences2020
Valentine RybenkovChemistryNatural Sciences2020
Steven WellsSocial WorkProfessional Programs2020
Man-Fung YipFilm and Media StudiesHumanities2020
Jenel CavazosPsychologySocial Sciences2021
Lisa FunnellWGSHumanities2021
Heather KetchumBiologyNatural Sciences2021
Yong Mi-KimSLIS Professional Programs2021

“The Information Technology Committee… will advise the Dean and the Chairs and Directors on all issues related to the use of computing, networking, and information technology in the instructional, research, and service efforts of the College...[and] will meet periodically, as determined by the committee, to review proposals for funding, and otherwise as necessary to consider other matters.” (A&S Faculty Bylaws)

Faculty MemberDepartment
AreaTerm Ends
Rangar ClineRELSAt-Large2020
Julie GerlingerSociologySocial Sciences2020
Heather KetchumBiologyNatural Sciences2020
Bruce MasonPhysicsChair2020
Shane BradySWKProfessional Programs2021
Bill EndresEnglishHumanities2021
Ralf SchmidtMathematicsAt-Large2021

“The Nominations Committee… will be charged with providing a slate of qualified faculty members for all standing committees of CAS for elections in the spring...[and] organizing all college-wide elections... [the committee] normally will meet once each year, with other meetings scheduled by the committee as needed.” (A&S Faculty Bylaws)

Faculty MemberDepartment
AreaTerm Ends
Jenel CavazosPsychology Social Sciences 2020 
Ben HoltMPBIO Natural Sciences 2020 
Susan BurkeSLISProfessional Programs2021
Daniela GarofaloEnglishAt-Large2021
Kimberly WieserEnglishHumanities2021

“The Student Scholarships and Awards Committee… will be charged with overseeing the awarding of all CAS student scholarships and awards... [the committee] normally will meet three times each year...” (A&S Faculty Bylaws)

Faculty MemberDepartment
AreaTerm Ends
John CarlSociology Social Sciences 2020 
Barbara Safiejko-MroczkaBiologyNatural Sciences 2020 
Lori FranklinSWKProfessional Programs2021
Gina Stuart-RichardNative American StudiesHumanities2021
Jim ZeiglerEnglishAt-Large2021

Faculty Senate and Graduate Council

“The Faculty Senate shall exercise the legislative powers of the faculty of the University as delegated by the Regular Faculty. The Faculty Senate shall have the power to initiate any legislation requiring the Board of Regents' approval in accordance with provisions of the University Constitution.” (Charter of the Regular Faculty and the Faculty Senate, Norman Campus). The Faculty Senate meets at 3:30 PM, generally on the second Monday of each month.

Stephanie BurgeSociiologySocial Sciences2020
Dave HambrightBiologyNatural Sciences2020
Hunter HeyckHSCIHumanities2020
Claude MillerCommunicationSocial Sciences2020
Anthony Natale Social WorkProfessional Programs 2020
James ShafferPhysicsNatural Sciences2020
Bradley StevensonMPBIONatural Sciences2020
Katie AllenHuman ResourcesProfessional Programs2021
Eugenia Cox-FuenzalidaPsychologySocial Sciences2021
Anne DunnMPBIONatural Sciences2021
Scott LamothePolitical ScienceSocial Sciences2021
Heather ShottonNative American StudiesHumanities2021
Julie WardMLLLHumanities2021
Jody WorleyHuman ResourcesProfessional Programs 2021
Firat DemirEconomicsSocial Sciences2022
Keri KornelsonMathematicsNatural Sciences2022
Deborah Moore-RussoMathematicsNatural Sciences2022
Greg MullerMathematicsNatural Sciences2022
Asa RandallAnthroplogySocial Sciences
Christian RemlingMathematicsNatural Sciences
Wayne RiggsPhilosophyHumanities2022
Ellen RubensteinSLISProfessional Programs 
Justin WertPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences

The Graduate Council is the governing body for all policies relating to graduate education on the Norman. The council meets once a month.

Faculty NameDepartment
Term Ends
Susan BurkeLibrary and Information StudiesProfessional Programs2020
Heather ShottonNative American Studies Humanities 2020
Keri KornelsonMathematicsNatural Sciences2021
Eugenia FuenzalidaPsychologySocial Sciences2022

“A Graduate College Academic Appeals Panel [is charged] to hear all appeals involving qualifying examinations, comprehensive examinations, general examinations, thesis’s and dissertations, and other appropriate matters as determined by the graduate dean.” (Graduate College Policies and Requirements). The panel meets as needed.

Faculty NameDepartment
Term Ends
Keri KornelsonMathematics At-Large2020
Ann RileySWKAt-Large2020
Bradley StevensonMPBIOAt-Large2020
Gina Stuart-RichardNative America StudiesAt-Large2020