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Center for the Americas

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Center for the Americas



The Center for the Americas is dedicated to enhancing programming at the University of Oklahoma in several areas of the Western Hemisphere. Its major focus in Latin America, but it also promotes activities on the Caribbean, Canada, and global US foreign policy.

Among its activities are monthly lunches for those in the OU community who are interested in Latin America; guest speakers; mini-conferences; film showings; musical concerts; the management of the oulatinamerica-L listserv at; a research essay competition; and more. Students or faculty interested in sponsorship from the Center for the Americas for their relevant activities should contact its director. For the moment, the Center does not offer research or travel grants to students or faculty.

The Center for the Americas is sponsored by the ConocoPhillips Fund and the Canadian Studies Fund.



The Venezuela Crisis
A Shared Truth
Locating the Cold War

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