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AME Faculty

M. Cengiz Altan


Perkinson Chair & President’s Associates Presidential Professor

FH 205 | (405) 325-1737
Email Dr. Altan

Research Interests
Nanomaterials and Fabrication of Polymeric Nanocomposites, Rheological Modeling of Simulation of Composites Manufacturing, Processing and Experimental Characterization of Advanced Composites, and Autoclave Curing, Resin Transfer Molding, Resin Infusion Processes, Bladder Molding

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Peter J. Attar

Peter Attar

FH 219D | (405) 325-1749
Email Dr. Attar

Research Interests
Nonlinear Aeroelasticity
Computational Methods in Aeroelasticity
Reduced Order Modeling

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David Baldwin


Director of the Dynamic Structures Sensings and Controls Center

EL 108 | (405) 325-1090
Email Dr. Baldwin

Research Interests
Mechanical design, fatigue and fracture mechanics and probabilistic design methods.

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Jie Cai


EL 126 | (405) 325-5390
Email Dr. Cai


Building modeling and controls: HVAC and envelope data-driven modeling, building energy co-simulation, multi-agent control, grid-interactive control, economic model-based control, near-optimal heuristic control...

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Kuang-Hua Chang


David Ross Boyd Professor & Williams Companies Foundation Presidential Professor

FH 201 | (405) 325-1746
Email Dr. Chang

Dr. Chang's Website

Research Interests
Computational Mechanics, Multi-scale Modeling, 3D Printing

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Chenkai Dai


EL 114 | (405) 325-3234
Email Dr. Dai

Research Interests
Medical device in Hearing and Balancing
Mechanics in aging or disorder ear
Computational modeling of ear
Testing and 3D printing medical material



Christopher Dalton


FH 219A | (405) 325-5513
Email Dr. Dalton

Research Interests

Engineering Education, K12 STEM Outreach

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Rong Zhu Gan


Presidential Research Professor & Charles E. Foster Chair

FH 200 | (405) 325-1099
Email Dr. Gan

Research Interests
Biomechanics of soft and hard tissues, implantable devices and middle ear mechanics and transfer functions. 

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Jivtesh Garg


FH 217| (405) 325-5232
Email Dr. Garg

Research Interests
First-principles prediction of transport properties of materials, Thermoelectrics, Coupled conduction and radiation heat transfer across nanoscale gaps, Thermal properties and rheology of nanofluids

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Kurt Gramoll


Robert Hughes Centennial Professor of Engineering

FH 236 | (405) 325-3171
Email Dr. Gramoll

Research Interests
Educational technologies, aerospace structures and composite materials

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Thomas Hays


EL 110 | (405) 325-6797
Email Dr. Hays

Research Interests

Small UAV propulsion, unmanned systems for weather research and forecasting, practical UAS design and fabrication, optimization methods

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Pejman Kazempoor


FH 238 | (405) 325-7885
Email Dr. Kazempoor

Research Interests

Driving sustainable performance in the Oil and Gas industry; Process modeling, simulation, and optimization; Natural gas transmission and processing; Energy storage, Fuel cells, and Batteries; Advanced sensor technologies; Data analytics and machine learning

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Feng C. Lai


Anadarko Presidential Professor

FH 209A | (405) 325-1748
Email Dr. Lai

Research Interests
Heat and mass transfer in porous media, Enhanced heat and mass transfer
microfluidics and electronic cooling.

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Chung-Hao Lee

Chung-Hao Lee

FH 219C | (405) 325-4842
Email Dr. Lee

Research Interests
Cardiovascular multiscale biomechanical modeling, characterization of structural and mechanical properties of soft biological tissues, patient-specific modeling for improved diagnosis and prophylactic disease management, cell mechanics and mechanobiology and advanced finite element and meshfree methods for image-based computational biomechanics 

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Yingtao Liu

Dr. Yingtao Liu, AME Faculty

FH 218A | (405) 325-3663
Email Dr. Liu

Research Interests
Advanced composites and multifunctional materials, intelligent sensors and structures, nondestructive inspection, structural health monitoring and prognostics

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Wilson E. Merchán-Merchán


FH 208 | (405) 325-1754
Email Dr. Merchan-Merchan

Research Interests
Flame synthesis of transition metal oxide nanostructures for energy storage devices and medical applications, flame synthesis and characterization of CNTs and fullerenes and morphological studies and measurements of soot particulates and other combustion emissions from traditional and biofuels.       

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David Miller


Wilkonson Chair of Intelligent Systems

FH 209 | (405) 325-1094
Email Dr. Miller

Research Interests
Robotics technology and robotics as a mechanism for technology education.

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Farrokh Mistree


L.A. Comp Chair

FH 306 | (405) 306-7309
Email Dr. Mistree

Research Interests
Strategic systems engineering, integrated design of materials and products and product and process families.

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Ramkumar Parthasarathy


Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Presidential Professor

FH 203 | (405) 325-1735
Email Dr. Parthasarathy

Research Interests
Turbulent multiphase flows, spray and gas-jet break-up and hydrodynamic stability.

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Mrinal Saha


FH 208A | (405) 325-1098
Email Dr. Saha

Research Interests
Processing of advanced materials, materials characterization and high strain rate testing.

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Hamidreza Shabgard

Hamidreza Shabgard

FH 206 | (405) 325-5753

Email Dr. Shabgard

Research Interests
Multiphase flow and heat transfer, particulate flow, computational fluid dynamics, thermal energy storage and heat pipes.

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Zahed Siddique


Dick and Shirley O’Shields Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

FH 211A | (405) 325-2692
Email Dr. Siddique

Research Interests
Development of tools and framework to enhance engineering design education and Internet based product design to increase collaboration among designers, and to manage product and process information.

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Li Song

EL 112 | (405) 325-1714
Email Dr. Song

Research Interests
Building energy system optimization and control, centralized HVAC system fault detection and energy efficiency technology developments.

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Harold L. Stalford


FH 204 | (405) 325-1742
Email Dr. Stalford

Research Interests
MEMS, BioMEMS, microfluidic, micro-robotics and acoustic sensors.

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Wei Sun

Prakash Vedula

FH 237 | (405) 325-3713
Email Dr. Sun

Research Interests
Control systems, differential games, multiplayer pursuit-evasion games, reinforcement learning, trajectory optimization, and stochastic dynamical systems.

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Prakash Vedula

Prakash Vedula

FH 234 | (405) 325-4361
Email Dr. Vedula

Research Interests
Turbulence, multi-phase flows, computational fluid dynamics and stochastic modeling and optimization.

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Keith Walters


FH 207 | (405) 325-1728
Email Dr. Walters

Research Interests
Fluid mechanics and heat transfer, with a focus on fundamental computational fluid dynamics methods development

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AME Emeritus Faculty

Subramanyam R. Gollahalli


Lesch Centennial Chair

EL 132 
Email Dr. Gollahali

Research Interests
Fundamental as well as applied topics in the energy and combustion fields, combustion of liquid drops and sprays and flame characteristics of pulverized coal and synthetic fuels.

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Alfred Striz

Alfred Striz

EL 109 | (405) 250-1873
Email Dr. Striz

Research Interests
Aeroelasticity, numerical structural analysis and design and optimization.

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Previous Emeritus Faculty

  • Mr. Karl H. Bergey served from 1970-1992
  • Dr. Charles Bert served from 1963-2004
  • Dr. Floyd O. Calvert served from 1956-1986
  • Dr. Davis Egle served from 1965-1999
  • Dr. George Emanuel served from 1980-1999
  • Dr. John E. Francis served from 1969-1991
  • Dr. Tom J. Love, Jr. served from 1956-1988
  • Dr. D. Barton Turkington served from 1947-1987
  • Dr. William R. Upthegrove served AME from 1956-1993