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Clifford Fitzmorris


Professor Fitzmorris is an adjunct professor who has taught ECE 3772 Lab II, at the University of Oklahoma since 1998. In the past, he has also taught ECE 2213 Introduction to Digital Design.

He received his bachelor of science in electrical engineering in 1988 and his masters degree also in electrical engineering in 1994, both from the University of Oklahoma.

Professor Fitzmorris has worked for Western Electric, AT&T and Lucent for 16 years, most of those as a circuit designer. He has designed mixed signal circuit cards and specializes in low-noise voiceband telephone circuits and firmware. He has just moved to RS Information Systems to do hardware design on the WSR-88D NEXRAD radar system for the National Weather Service.

Research Interests

  • Mixed Signal Circuits
  • Low Noise Voiceband Telephone Circuits and Firmware
  • Hardware Design

Clifford Fitzmorris
Contact Information

Office: DEH 335
Phone: (405) 325-4329
Fax: (405) 325-7066
Email: Professor Fitzmorris