Departmental Contacts

In order to expedite any inquiries or other requests for information you may have, the following Financial Services contact list is provided for your information and assistance. These individuals can be contacted at 325-3021.



Department Number Applications and Changes

Pam Whitney

Checks or Warrants (Lost/Destroyed, Canceled by
Statute, or Copies)

Joy Johnson, or Cheryl Patrick

Payments on all standing order and multi-purpose non catalog Purchase Orders

Stephinie Black

Payments from xx5, xx2, and xx6 departments

Chandra Davis

Travel Reimbursements

Alisa Dickerson or
Julia Stone

Interdepartmental Transfers

Pam Whitney or
Kennecia Garrison

Food and/or Beverage Certifications

Cheryl Patrick

Payments from xx7 departments and independent contractors

Jan Neash

Questions Regarding Monthly Reports

Pam Whitney or
Kennecia Garrison

Payments for Telephones, Cell Phones and Pagers

Pam Whitney

Payments to Individual Contractors

Jan Neash or
Cheryl Patrick

PeopleSoft System Inquiries

Susan Strout,
Bj Sneed or Michael Johnson

Petty Cash

James Pickle or
Stacy Thompson

PCard/Credit Card Questions

Bj Sneed or
Michael Johnson

Payments to Foreign Nationals

Judy Chapman

Credit Card Air Travel/Travel Agency Transaction Reports 

Susan Strout or Bj Sneed

1099 Questions

Judy Chapman or Stacy Thompson

Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

Stacy Thompson

Auxiliary Enterprise/Service Unit Accounting

James Pickle

Regents' Fund

Melody Walke or
Terri Pinkston


Larry Hall