FS - Forms

Application for Department Number Form (OU-230-C) - To set up a new Department Number or change an existing one. Excel

Agency-Sponsored Designated Lodging Notice - University departments may designate lodging for an activity. Word

Authorization for Change Fund - Must be completed to establish a departmental change fund. Word

DBC Audit Worksheet - Excel

DBC Travel Roster - Excel

Employee Moving Expense Certification - Request reimbursement of employee incurred moving expenses and payment of moving expenses directly to third parties. Excel 2015 Form , 2016 Form

Expense Reimbursement Form - Must accompany any request for expense reimbursement more than 120 days after the event. Excel

Food & Beverage Expense Certification Form - Must accompany all invoices for meals, receptions, banquets, or coffee which are to be charged to a University account other than the Provost Area. PDF

Food & Beverage Expense Certification Form - For Provost Office Only - Must accompany all invoices for meals, receptions, banquets, or coffee which are to be charged to a University account within the Provost Area. PDF

Loan Authorization Form - Request for loans to Auxiliary Enterprises or Services Units. Word

Lost Receipt Form - Use this form for lost receipts needed for paper travel claims or miscellaneous reimbursements. This form cannot be used for hotel, rental cars, registration or airfare. PDF

Management Control Self Review - Departmental questionnaire dealing with general topics, Cash Receipts, Purchases/Disbursements, Personnel/Payroll, Petty Cash, Change Funds, Travel, and Equipment Inventory. Word

Monthly Reconciliation of Postage Stamps on Hand - Record of stamps issued, used, and on hand. Word

Oklahoma Sales Tax - Customer Exemption Statement Word

Participant Payment Form - Request form for research participants. Excel

PeopleSoft Account Codes - Excel

Petty Cash Fund Reconciliation - Formal reconciliation of the departmental petty cash fund. Word

Petty Cash Fund Request Form - Request for a petty cash fund. Word

Refund Request - This form must be used for refunding money that has been paid to the University for fees, tickets, classes, etc. This form should not be used for reimbursement requests or Student Accounts Receivable refunds. PDF

Request for Postage - Request for the purchase of postage for a postage meter or the purchase of postage stamps. Word

Sample Agreement - Agreement for all approved requests to Grant departments between the University and the OU Foundation. Excel

Short-Term Pooled Investment Fund - Request to participate in short-term investment pool. Excel

Transfer Authorization Form - Request for transfers between Auxiliary Enterprises and Services Units. Word

Transfer Form - For transferring revenues or expenses, except payroll, between departments. Excel

Travel Claim - Travel Expense Reimbursement form. Excel

Travel Claim - EZ - Guided Travel Expense Reimbursement form. Excel

Travel Claim - EZ Instructions - Instructions on how to use the EZ Travel Claim. Word

W-9 for University of Oklahoma