10/08/10: Oklahoma House Bill 1804

UPDATE: The temporary injunction delaying the effective date of the portion of HB1804 pertaining to services provided in the State of Oklahoma has BEEN LIFTED. The HB1804 guidelines communicated on 5/29/08 are in effect.

As you may know, Oklahoma House Bill 1804 became law effective November 1, 2007. There are numerous questions with regard to contracting with suppliers for services and the required statement of compliance on all invoices. Initially, Purchasing e-mailed guidelines and details on May 29, 2008. Questions regarding the policy should be directed via email to Jan Duke at OU Purchasing. Questions regarding the statement of compliance on invoices should be directed to Financial Services.

Links for the certification forms:

HB1804 INDIVIDUAL IC Certification

HB1804 IC NonIndividual Entities Certification

HB1804 Flowchart

Item 4 under the "Purchased Services within the Small Dollar Policy" states the following:

For all payments made through Accounts Payable (services and non-services), the department must certify to Accounts Payable that it has complied with HB1804. Payments will not be rendered without a statement indicating the department has complied with the procedures for HB 1804. This statement may be on the face of the invoice or on an attached piece of paper. The statement can be in the form of a stamp. The statement must be signed by the department sponsor or co-sponsor.
For purposes of compliance with this section of the policy, the following language must be used:

"By approving this invoice for payment, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to comply with any applicable legal requirements of HB1804, Oklahoma Taxpayer & Citizen Protection Act, in obtaining any services that might be included on this invoice. If no services are performed within the state of Oklahoma, I understand that I do not need to take any additional steps."

Departments are encouraged to begin using this certification for payments submitted to FS immediately. This certification will become mandatory for all payment requests submitted after December 1, 2010. Any payment requests received in FS after November 27, 2010 will be returned to the department if the certification is not present.


HB 1804 Frequently Asked Questions