Conference Registration Fees Procedures

There are two ways conference registration fees can be processed:

  • As a reimbursement on the State of Oklahoma Travel Voucher after the travel status has been completed; or
  • By utilizing the small dollar purchase system.

Registration fees can only be reimbursed to an individual on the State of Oklahoma Travel Voucher after the travel status has been completed. The registration fees are listed under the “Itemized Miscellaneous Costs” section of the State of Oklahoma Travel Voucher. A paid receipt or both sides of the cancelled check must accompany the form. For further instructions, please refer to the Travel Section policies.


Under the Small Dollar Purchase process, registration can be paid directly to the vendor after the conference has occurred. It may be paid prior to the conference if the following conditions are met:

  • The event requires pre-registration along with payment and by standard policy will not accept a state purchase order or contract in lieu of payment; or
  • When a discounted fee is offered if paid in advance:
    • The registration fee must result in a discount to the state; and
    • The registration must allow for substitution of participant; and
    • The registration must provide for 100% refund should the event be cancelled.


Documentation from the sponsoring conference confirming these requirements must be attached to the payment request.
All payment requests for registrations require the information listed below:

  • departmental sponsor approval;
  • the name, date(s), and location of the conference;
  • the name and EMPLID, tax identification number or student identification number of each individual attending;
  • department number to charge;
  • the amount of the payment request; and
  • a contact name and phone number to call if there are questions.

Any questions concerning the payment of registration fees should be directed to Financial Services.