Food, Beverage and other Exceptions Expense

The Food and Beverage Expense Certification must accompany all invoices for meals, receptions, banquets or coffee which are to be charged to a University department.


The department making the charge should complete a Food and Beverage Expense Certification Form. The Food and Beverage Expense Certification should be completed as follows:

Block 1

Enter name of payee.

Block 2

If the payee is an outside vendor, enter their tax identification number; an employee--their EMPLID; a student—their student identification number, or volunteer—their social security number.
Block 3

Enter amount of invoice or reimbursement.

Block 4

Enter the department number to be charged.

Block 5

Enter date of event or function.

Block 6

Enter place of event or function.

Block 7

Indicate the address where payment should be mailed.

Block 8

Enter description or purpose of function or event.

Block 9

Indicate the number of individuals in attendance. If it is an xx5xxxxxx grants and contracts department, listing of individuals in attendance must be provided regardless of number.

Block 10

List names and affiliations of individuals in attendance.

Block 11

If requesting reimbursement to an individual, indicate if the individual will also be requesting reimbursement on the State of Oklahoma travel voucher for this time period. If so, the State of Oklahoma travel voucher per diem should be adjusted accordingly.

Block 12

Obtain sponsor's signature.

Attach the completed form to the original invoice approved for payment. Payments from xx5xxxxxx departments require the approval of the grant and contract administrative offices prior to submission to Financial Services. Payments from all other departments should be submitted directly to Financial Services.

Upon receipt in Financial Services, payment will be processed and a check/warrant will be mailed to the payee. If amounts requested exceed amounts specified in the Food and Beverage Policy, the request must be approved by an Executive Officer prior to submission to Financial Services.  

Any department making a charge to any of the University’s food service operations should prepare a Food and Beverage Expense Certification Form.  The department should retain this document in their records for seven years.


Commemorative Mementos, Student Acknowledgements, etc.

Please provide a description of how the purchase is to be used on or with the invoice/payment request.  Submit the invoice/payment request with the sponsor’s approval and department number to Financial Services (if grant or contract department, submit to grant and contract administrative offices) for payment.  Any special handling requests for the check need to be noted with the invoice or payment request.

Financial Services will issue and distribute the check to the payee unless otherwise specified.