Postage Procedures



A department should do the following to request the purchase of postage:

      1. Review the Postage Policy.
      2. Designate a custodian for the postage stamps to maintain the postage stamps in a secure location.
      3. Complete the Request for Postage form including proper signatures.
      4. Forward the completed form to Financial Services.
      5. Upon receipt of the request for postage, Financial Services will review its files for any other requests for the Norman Campus. If amounts have not exceeded the $2,000 limit or if the request is for postage for a postage meter, a request for payment will be processed from the Central Mail department. If the $2,000 limit has been spent, Financial Services will notify the department.
      6. CCE Departments requesting postage for non-Norman Campus locations should contact CCE Business and Accounting to determine the balance available at their specific location.
      7. Financial Services will issue a check and distribute as indicated on the original request. The department will be charged for this request on the next monthly postage billing.



It is the responsibility of the department sponsor and the custodian to ensure that postage stamps are maintained in a secure location and to maintain records supporting the use of the postage stamps. Generally, usage records of this nature include who postage stamps were issued to, the quantity issued, and the balance of postage stamps on hand.

At a minimum, the department sponsor and the custodian are responsible for ensuring that a monthly physical count of postage stamps on hand is taken and reconciled to the underlying usage records in order to provide assurance as to the completeness and accuracy thereof. The monthly reconciliation is to be forwarded to Financial Services. The monthly reconciliation and the underlying usage records may be subject to an unscheduled verification.

Please note that there is no provision in the Oklahoma Statutes for the reimbursement of postage to an individual.  Approval for postage (stamps) purchases must be obtained from Financial Services in advance, and checks for postage cannot be made payable to individuals.