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Year End 2017 Financial Statement Issues

While preparing for fiscal year-end 2017, FS experienced issues that resulted in the duplication and reversal of transactions. Some of these will appear on your June statements. Some of the payments processed on 7/5/2017 were dated 6/29/2017, rather than 7/5/2017. The transactions associated with this issue were reversed on July 18 and 19, 2017. The correcting entries will show on your statement with a 6/30/2017 transaction date. Please re-run your financial statements for June 30 to make sure you are working with the corrected financial statements.

November department statements are final as of December 1, 9:55 AM.

The navigation path for the reports is as follows: General Ledger>OU GL Reports. Remember to enter fiscal year 2018 and period 5 to get November 2017 statements. If you want a detail listing of all transactions, click on the box next to "Show Detail".

If you have any questions about your statements, please send an email to or call Financial Services at 325-3021.

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New YTD Report Options in PeopleSoft

We now have new YTD options for the Commitments vs. Budget, Revenue vs. Budget, and Soft Money Balance Sheet reports in Peoplesoft.  For more information, click here.


nVision Reports -

When running nVision reports you may receive a Windows Security message requesting your log on and password. When this happens, you will need to leave the name and password defaulting in the Windows Security box as it is, check "Remember my credentials", and click OK. You will be asked to do this three times before the report will open in excel. You will not be prompted to do this again unless you delete saved passwords under your internet's browsing history.


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Current PeopleSoft Data -

For current list of department and account numbers, run the appropriate query in PeopleSoft Financials;
OU Folder>Departmental Query>OU_GL_DEPT_VW or OU_GL_ACCT_VW.


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