Important Notice

These links are given for information purposes only. You are encouraged to check out as many of these as possible and even conduct your own searches. Please keep the following points in mind while using this page:

  1. The internet is NEVER a substitute for doing traditional library research. As an educated individual, you must become comfortable with both traditional and newer approaches; therefore, use these links as a chance to search for additional books, journal articles, experts, and even other web pages.
  2. The world wide web was designed to be a free environment, with little moderation. Therefore, a number of these links may expose you to views with which you disagree. Rather than ignoring the author or sending flames (email with angry expressions), ask yourself how one could arrive at that conclusion. Perhaps you will learn something new! But if you still disagree after careful thought, it is all right to email the page author(s) with your dissention. Always remember, however, that the idea, not person, is on trial. We have attempted to identify web sites that purposefully offer contrasting viewpoints to make your exposure as impartial as possible.
  3. Take advantage of the suggested reading list to expand your horizons on political geography. All of these papers are available in the OU Bizzell Memorial Library.
  4. Bring your research and comments to class for discussion! If you come across a web page that you feel should be added, let us know. We'll be glad to review and add it for the benefit of other students.

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