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Gender and Equality Center, LGBTQ Programs

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LGBTQ+ Programs

A function of the Gender + Equality Center. Please excuse our website as we are in the process of updating each and every webpage. We apologize for any incovenience.


Welcome to the University of Oklahoma and the LGBTQ+ Programs webpage - we are so glad you are here! This page is dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff navigate the university, as well as connecting OU community members and partners to resources and education regarding LGBTQ+ topics. We hope the information shared here can aid you in a multitude of ways. If you would like information not found here or would like to meet with someone from our office, please email 

Looking to get involved in the LGBTQ+ community here at OU? Learn more about student groups, community networks, and more here.

The LGBTQ+ community it a vast and diverse group of people. Learn more about the community and ways to support by signing up for one of our LGBTQ+ Aspiring Ally trainings. Learn more here.

Get connected to resources, learn about chosen named policies, and more by clicking here.

Refresh yourself on LGBTQ+ terminology, learn more about intersecting identities, or find books and movies that can help you learn more here.