Welcome to the University of Oklahoma IDEA Club website! We are the Intelligent Design & Evolution Awareness Club. That's IDEA Club for short! For an explanation of our purpose here at OU, click here. If you visited our table at the OU Club Craze, picked up a flyer, or saw a chalking and want to stay up-to-date, drop us a line a nd we'll keep you informed of meeting times and such. Be sure to attend our first official meeting! Go to the events page for details.

"A fair result can only be obtained by balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question."
- Charles Darwin

Some groups don't want Charles Darwin's theory of evolution taught in public schools, while others don't want anything taught that might contradict it. Both of these options are wrong. The IDEA Club at OU wholeheartedly endorses the teaching of evolutionary theory at both the university and high school level. In fact, we believe that students should be taught more concerning evolutionary theory than they already are. Darwin's theory has a rich and complex history and has played a very influential role in the development of science, philosophy, and religion. It is a remarkable idea which is certainly worth our most attentive examination. Evolutionary theory today is full of controversial and fascinating debates, and despite popular belief, there do exist many weaknesses in the theory that are worthy of deliberation. We believe these controversies should be opened up to the university student's critical mind.


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