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Volume 14 (February 1941)

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Research Notes

Anderson, R. The effects of Minutes on bristle number.

Brehme, K.S. Classification of larvae of body color and bristle color mutants.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. An extreme case of sex-ratio in D. bilineata.

Curry, V.S. The mutant dwarf-24F, 2-13.5±, which is included in two overlapping deficiencies.

Curry, V.S. Correction for Df(2)MB.

Curry, V.S. New data on the locus of lightoid.

Curry, V.S. Rotated genetalia in the mutant engrailed.

Green, M.N. A spontaneous mutation of the gene vg to a weaker allele.

Kalmus, Hans. Resistance to desiccation of some body color mutants in Drosophila.

Kikkawa, H. Chemically detective methods of the substances concerning eye, egg and other colors in insects.

Milani, R. The new eye-shape mutant alleles in D. melanogaster.

Morgan, L.V. Allelomorphism of Cat and spa, mutants in chromosome 4 of D. melanogaster.

Parshley, E.M. Development of the eye of Minute (3) Fla.

Philip, U. The chromosomes of D. subobscura.

Russell, E.S. Comparison of benign and lethal tumors in D. melanogaster.

Schultz, J. Change in temperature of the stock room at Pasadena—an opportunity for experiment.

Schultz, J. Confluens a tandem duplication of the Notch region.

Timefëeff-Ressovsky, H.A. and N.W.Timefëeff-Ressovsky. On the determination of the number of individuals in populations of Drosophila.

Technical Notes

Bealde, G.W. A rapid method for removing pupa cases.

Gordon, C. Nomenclature.

Kalmus, H. Skimmed milk as a culture medium for Drosophila.

La Cour, L.F. Acetic Orcein for salivary chromosomes.

Lefevre, G. An electron bombardment of Drosophila males.

Poulson, D.F. and M.E. Power. The application of Bodian’s silver impregnation method to Drosophila.

Ross, E. and E.S. Russell. A satisifactory histological technique for Drosophila larvae.

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