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Volume 47 (July 1971)

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Anderson, M. Variations in the level of malate dehydrogenase during development.
Baird, M.B., H.V. Samis and H.R. Massie. Changes in Drosophila catalase activity associated with preadult development.
Band, H.T. Four decades of natural selection.
Band, H.T. On the negative relation between summer rainfall and average daily temperature range.
Band, H.T. Was there a drought in the northern U.S. in the 1960's?
Benner, D.B. Some evidence against the presence of suppressors of variegation on the Y chromosome.
Bennett, J. and J.F. Hughes. Behavioral correlates of the w, w+ gene substitution, observations without ether.
Bremner, T.A., W.L. Douglas and G.O. Ogonji. Substrate-specific differences of alcohol and octanol dehydrogenases in eight species of Drosophilidae.
Chita, O. Larval-larval or larval-female interaction in Drosophila melanogaster.
Doane, W.W. Isoamylases in Drosophila hydei: a system for the analysis of gene-specific puffing activity.
Ehrie, M.G. and R.C. King. The anatomy of the larval ring gland of Drosophila melanogaster and its associated organs.
Félix, R. and M.E. de la Rosa. Cytogenetic studies with cyclohexylamine in D. melanogaster females.
Félix, R. and M.E. de la Rosa. Cytogenetic studies with sodium cyclamate in D. melanogaster females.
Félix, R., J. Guzmán and A. de Garay Arellano. CO2 sensitivity of Drosophilid flies from a location in the outskirts of Mexico City.
Félix, R., J. Guzmán and A. de Garay Arellano. Distribution of CO2 sensitivity (sigma virus) in an urban population of D. melanogaster from Mexico City. II. Low dispersal, a factor which explains differences among locations.
Forman, M. and S.K. Majumdar. Studies on the effects of monosodium glutamate on development and productivity of Drosophila melanogaster.
Franklin, I.R. Genetic variation at the Esterase-6 locus in D. melanogaster.
Gabay, S. Recombination at the bar locus in a reverse attached-X system in D. melanogaster.
Grossfield, J. A non-heuristic attribute of the ERG.
Grossfield, J. and W.L. Pak. Localization of electroretinogram mutants.
Gupta, J.P. Key to Indian species of subgenus Scaptodrosophila.
Hall, J.C. The failure of two alleles of c(3)G to increase frequencies of X-linked lethal.
Hedrick, P.W. Competition experiments between D. melanogaster and D. simulans.
Hoenigsberg, H.F. A new environmental variable that changes the rate of development of some members of the willistoni group of species.
Hoenigsberg, H.F. New culturing conditions for several Drosophila species.
Hunt, D.M. A haemolymph protein anomaly associated with the lethal-giant-larvae mutant in Drosophila melanogaster.
Jacob, M. and S.P. Ray-Chaudhuri. Protective effect of glutathione (reduced) against X-ray induced sex-linked recessive lethals in D. melanogaster.
Jha, A.P., M. Mishra and V.K. Singh. Abnormal sex ratio in Darjeeling D. population.
Jones, A.M. The cytological localization of cd and wo by means of deficiency mapping.
Kaplan, W.D. and B. Hanstein. A mutant stock showing negative phototaxis in the presence of C02.
Kastritsis, C.D. and J. Grossfield. Balbiani rings in D. auraria.
Kernaghan, R.P. The ultrastructure of the organism associated with hybrid sterility in Drosophila paulistorum.
Khishin, A.F. and M.M. Megaheid. Storage of germ cells and process of mutation in Drosophila melanogaster.
Krimbas, C.B. A newly spontaneously formed chromosome arrangement in one salivary gland cell of D. subobscura.
Krimbas, C.B. Gene arrangement frequencies in Pindos population of D. subobscura.
Kuroda, Y. Fibroblastic cells derived from pupal ovary of D. melanogaster in culture.
Laughnan, J .R., S.J. Gabay and I.N. Montgomery. Genetic basis for the exceptional events in Dp(1; 1)MNB-8 Drosophila melanogaster males.
Lee, T.J. Frequency of races in males of D. auraria in natural populations.
Lefevre, G., Jr. A cytological analysis of X-ray-induced recessive sex-linked lethal.
Lefevre, G., Jr. Crossing over in an insertional translocation.
Mahajani, S. Crossing over in the inversion carrying second chromosome of a Drosophila melanogaster male.
Mahowald, A.P. Intracellular symbionts of Drosophila.
Marengo, N.P. and S.H. Vernick. Virus-like particles in nuclei of muscle fibers of genetically "rotated" prepupae of Drosophila melanogaster.
McCrady, E. Wing disc tracheotomy prior to pupation in D. virilis.
Miklos, G.L.G. SD distributions and the measurement of distortion.
Mikulska, I. and B. Grygon. Number of ovarioles in the ovaries of females of reciprocal-crosses of the types wild of Torun and vg/vg D. melanogaster Meig.
Minamori, S. and K. Ito. Effects of delta on fertility in D. melanogaster.
Moree, R. A method for the construction chromosomal interchange lines.
Nash, W.G. Deep orange and carnation: Another lethal gene combination in D.m.
Nickla, H. Riboflavin content in Malpighian tubes of Drosophila melanogaster.
Nirmala Sajjan, S. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Karyotype of Drosophila nasuta.
Novitski, E., E. Ehrlich and H. Becker. A terminal attachment region on 2L.
Ondrej, M. The induction of large chromosomal fragments by ethylnitrosourea and radiation.
Oshima, C. and T.K. Watanabe. Sterility genes in natural summer and autumn populations of D. melanogaster.
Ouweneel, W.J. Homoeotic mutants in Drosophila: interaction during development.
Parzen, S.D., Kessenich, M.J. and A.S. Fox. A method for the preparation of high molecular weight DNA from adult Drosophila melanogaster.
Ringo, J.M. The effects of anesthetization upon survival and behavior of D. grimshawi.
Rosenfeld, A., A. Carpenter and L. Sandler. A nonchromosomal factor causing female sterility in D. melanogaster.
Sandler, L. Induction of autosomal meiotic mutants by EMS in D. melanogaster.
Sanjeeva Rao, M. and S.U. Devi. Induction of mutations in D. melanogaster with radioisotopes - Sr90 and Iodine13l.
Singh, V.K., M. Mishra and A.P. Jha. A new pericentric inversion in D. ananassae.
Sreerama Reddy, G. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Preliminary survey of Drosophilids in Nilgiris and Kodaikanal Ranges.
Stockert, J.C. Alteration in the spermatocyte nuclei of a testis of D. hydei.
Tarantul, V.Z., V.T. Kakpakov and V.A. Gvozdev. Protein, RNA and DNA synthesis in the established line of diploid cells of Drosophila melanogaster in vitro.
Thomas-Orillard, M. Influence of the culture medium on the number of ovarioles in Drosophila melanogaster.
Thompson, S.R. and J.E. Putnam. Alteration of the rudimentary wing phenotype with Minutes and temperature.
Voss, R. A common suppressor for a lethal mutation and a forked mutation.
Wargent, J.M. Position-effect variegation in wings of D. melanogaster.
Wong, P.T., W.D. Kaplan, and W.E. Trout, III. Alteration of response to a visual stimulus by a cholinesterase inhibitor.
Würgler, F.E. Synthetic female sterile factors in two combinations of X-chromosomes with dp bw;st pp autosomes in D. melanogaster.
Würgler, F.E., R. Büchi and P. Maier. Relative viability of different types of Drosophila melanogaster males without a free Y chromosome.
Yang, H., K. Kojima and A. Kovarik. Inversions in a Southwest Texas D. melanogaster population.

Erk, F.C., H.V. Samis, M.B. Baird and H.R. Massie. A method for the establishment and maintenance of an aging colony of Drosophila.
Félix, R. A system for feeding liquids to adult flies.
Félix, R., J. Guzmán, M.E. de la Rosa and O. Olvera. Control of mites in D. cultures.
Grossfield, J. and J. Smith. Video taping Drosophila behavior.
Hedrick, P.W. A culture which allows sand pupation.
Lewis, E.B. and L. Craymer. Quinacrine fluorescence of Drosophila chromosomes.
Merriam, J.R. A lost cost disposable bottle for Drosophila culture.
Sparrow, J.C. Eggwashing apparatus.
Tomkins, J.K. and T. Billington. Analysis of D. melanogaster RNA by acrylamide gel electrophoresis of single fly homogenates.
Wong, P.T. and W.E. Trout, III. The psychic fly fish feeder: A reply to Ogden Nash.
Zalokar, M. Fixation of Drosophila eggs without pricking.

Potter, J.H. A demonstration of compensation for an inherited biochemical defect in D. melanogaster.