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Volume 56 (March 1981)

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Prop W. Drosophila ramblings.



Band, H.T. Chynomyza amoena - not a pest.

Band, H.T. Ability ofChymomyza amoenapreadults to survive -2° C with no preconditioning.

Band, H.T. Duplication of the delay in emergence by Chymomyza amoena larvae after subzero treatment.

Batterham, P. and G.K. Chambers. The molecular weight of a novel phenol oxidase in D. melanogaster.

Beck, A.K., R.R. Racine and F.E. Wurgler. Primary nondisjunction frequencies in seven chromosome substitution stocks of D. melanogaster.

Beckenbach, A.T. Map position of the esterase-5 locus of D. pseudoobscura: a usable marker for "sex-ratio".

Bewley, G.C. and S. Lijbinsky. Thermal stability of catalase during development in Drosophila.

Biemont, C. Parental effect and inbreeding depression in D. melanogaster.

Bishop, C.P. and A.F. Sherald. Isolation of two third chromosome mutantsconferring resistance to alpha-methyl dopa.

Carton, Y., J. Roualt and H. Kitano. Susceptibility of the seven sibling species of subgroup melanogaster infected with a Cynipide parasite.

Chadov, B.F. Effect of aberrant Y-chromosomes on X-chromosome nondisjunction.

Chadov, B.F. Nonhomologous X-2 pairing in females containing structurally normal X-chromosomes.

Chadov, B.F. and E.V. Chadova. Nonhomologous pairing and spontaneous interchanges in D. melanogaster males.

Charton-Strunk, U. and W.-E. Kalisch. Intrachromosomal effect of a heterozygous tandem duplication.

Chenevix Trench, G. An endemic inversion in the X-chromosome of D. melanogaster.

Chernyshev, A.I. and B.A. Leibovitch. The effect of temperature during developmentin the amount of heterochromatin DNA fractions in D. melanogaster.

Curtsinger, J. Embryonic lethality associated with multiple inversion heterozygosity in D. pseudoobscura.

Dasmohapatra, P., N.K. Tripathy and C.C. Das. Distribution of different species of Drosophila in Khallikote Ghats,Ganjam District, Orissa, India.

Eckstrand, I.A. and R.H. Richardson. Comparison of water balance kinetics between laboratory-reared and field-caught D. inimical.

Engels, W.R. and C.R. Preston. Characteristics of a "neutral" strain in the P-M system of hybrid dysgenesis.

Falk, R. Somatic mosaics produced by loss of a centric fragment.

Fogleman, J.C. and W. Heed. A comparison of the yeast flora in the larval substrates of D. nigrospiraculaand D. inettleri.

Fujikawa, K. Pilot experiments involving visible mutations induced in immature Drosophila oocytes by gamma-rays at low dose rate.

Futch, D.G. Crossing over in hybrid D. ananassae-D. pallidosa X-chromosome.

Galus, H.M., I.B. Perelle and L. Ehrman. The heritability of egg length inD. paulistorum.

Gilbert, D.G. Effects of CO2 vs. ether on two mating behavior components ofD. melanogaster.

Gilbert, D.G. Sperm counts and initial sperm storage in D. melanogaster.

Goncharenko, G.G. and I.K. Zakbarov. A phosphoglucomutase locus in D. virilis.

Grace, D. The Ubx/bx transfection effect in the entire compound chromosome C(2;3)EN.

Gromko, M.H. An attempt to reduce population size through extensive trapping.

Gupta, J.P. A list of drosophilid species so far known from India.

Gvosdev, T.I., T.I. Gerasimova, G.L. Kogan, Ya.M. Rosovsky and S.C. Smirnova. A collection of G6PD mutations which suppress the lethal effect of mutations affecting 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in D. melanogaster.

Hagele, K. and W.-E. Kalisch. 3H-thymidine labeling intensity over a prominent bandgroup prior to and during puffing.

Hankins, G.R. and A.F. Sherald. Hydropyrimidinehydrase in D. melanogaster.

Hartmann-Goldstein, I.J. DNA content of Malpighian tubule nuclei from white variegated larvae.

Heed, W.B. Central and marginal populations revisited.

Hilliker, A.J. Heterochromatic duplications and the meiotic segregation of compoundsecond autosomes during spermatogenesis in D. melanogaster.

Hilliker, A.J. Meiotic effects of second chromosome heterochromatin deletions.

Hilliker, A.J., A. Chovnick and S.H. Clark. The relative mutabilities of vital genes in D. melanogaster.

Hilliker, A.J., S.H. Clark, W.M. Gelbart and A. Chovnick. Cytogenetic analysis ofthe rosy micro-region, polytene chromosome interval 87D2-4; 87E12-F1, of D. melanogaster.

Hunter, A.S. Drosophila of Pompano Beach, Florida.

James, A., N. Bownes and S. Glenn. The re-establishment of pattern elements inregenerating imaginal wing discs of D. melanogaster.

Jenkins, J.B. Paternal age and mutagen sensitivity.

Kaidanov, L.Z. and E. Huguto. Studies on genetical possibilities of inbred stocksin Drosophila.

Kaplin, V. and L. Korochkin. Histochemistry of the tissue distribution of some enzymes during the development in D. melanogaster.

Kaurov, B.A. To the definition of the notion “field of gene activity”.

Kaurov, B.A. Mutation aristapedia causes the transformation of distal segments of antennae to five-segment tarsi in D. melanogaster.

Kidwell, M.G. The use of pupation height as a method for distinguishing betweenthe sibling species D. melanogaster and D. simulans.

Liebrich, W.In vitro differentiation of single cysts of spermatocytes of D. hydei.

Lohs-Schardin, M. A new allele of Ubx causing a strong phenotype.

Loukas, M. A new esterase locus in D. melanogaster.

Loukas, M. Breeding sites of D. subobscura.

Lujan, D. A comparison of TSP’s of Notchtsl, shibiretsl and the double mutant.

Lyttle, T.W. Segregation in XYY males and XXY females of D. melanogaster.

Malogolowkin-Cohen, Ch. and N. Livni. A preliminary study on polymorphism and heterozygosity found in D. subobscura in Israel.

Mather, W.B. and G. Balwin. Inversions in three species of Drosophila from the River Kwai, Thailand.

Mather, W.B. and G. Balwin. Inversions in the nasuta complex from the River Kwai, Thailand.

McInnis, D.O. Drosophila collections from Raleigh, North Carolina.

McInnis, D.O. A seasonal spread of D. melanogaster and D. simulans in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Miglani, G.S. and F.R. Ampy. A possible cline between the body weight and altitude in Mexican populations of D. melanogaster.

Miglani, G.S. and F.R. Ampy. ADH denaturation depends on native ADH activity levels in D. melanogaster.

Moss, L.J. and E.A. Carlson. EMS-induced yellow mosaics in D. melanogaster.

Mukhina, L.I., V.A. Kulitchkov and I.F. Zhimejlev. Distribution of chromosome rearrangement breaks along the polytene chromosomes of D. melanogaster.

Nikoshkov, A.B. and V.T. Kakpakov. Dosage compensation of sex-linked genes inestablished cell lines of D. melanogaster.

Osipova, N., L. Korochkin, M. Golubovsky, T. Khlebodarova and V. Kulutchkov. Biochemical-genetical investigation of the unstable locus lozenge in D. melanogaster.

Platt, S.A. Discrimination learning in individual D. melanogaster.

Polivanov, S. Possibly non-Mendelian factor for stimulation of egg deposition.

Pot, W. Courtship and mating success in alcohol dehydrogenase genotypes of D. melanogaster.

Rahman, R. and D.L. Lindsley. Ysu(f)-, a spontaneous derivative of Ymal+.

Ramamoorthy, C., N. R. Padaki, S. Nirmala Sajjan and E. Krishnamachari. Mutagenic activity of quinine in D. melanogaster.

Rapport, E. and M.K. Yang. Effects of food deprivation on larval amino acid pools.

Richmond, R.C. And M.E. Claerbout. Ratios in crosses segregating for Esterase 60(Null) and Esterase 6s alleles.

Ruiz, A. and A. Fontdevila. Two new chromosome arrangements in D. buzzatii.

Sampsell, B. Survival differences between Drosophila with different Adh thermostability variants.

Sapunov, V.B. The effect of juvenile hormone analogs on mutation frequency in D.melanogaster.

Sapunov, V.B. The effect of juvenile hormone analogs on reproductive behavior of D. melanogaster.

Semjonov, E.P. and A.F. Smirnov. Somatic synapsis of D. melanogaster chromosomes.

Sene, F.M., M.A.Q.R. Pereira, C.R. Vilela and N.M.V. Bizzo. Influence of different ways to set baits for collection of Drosophila flies in three natural environments.

Shadravan, F. and J. Mcdonald. The effect of environmental 2-propanol on the ability of flies to survive in alcohol environments.

Shitamoto, T. and H. Ikeda. Differences in the diurnal rhythmicity of mating activity in D. melanogaster.

Siegel, J.G. Cytological identification of autosomal breakpoints in several T(Y;2) stocks.

Simms, R.W., N.D. Bearss And J. Tonzetich. Transfer RNA resolution in a Minute mutant of D. melanogaster.

Singh, B.K. And Y.N. Dwivedi. Report on spontaneous occurrence of mosaics in D. rajasekari Reddy and Krishnarnurthy.

Smaragdov, M.G., A.F. Smirnov, A.V. Dijkelskaya and A.V. Felcher. Condensation and interchromosomal heterogeneity of D. melanogaster heterochromatin.

Sperlich, D. Lack of male recombination in D. subobscura.

Stamatis, N.D. Male recombination elements in a southern Greek D. melanogaster population.

Stark, W.S., K.G. Hu and R.B. Srygley. Comparisons of phototaxis properties in differing mazes.

Stark, W.S., R.B. Srygley and R.M. Greenberg. Analysis of a compound eye mosaicof outer rhabdomeres absent marked with cardinal.

Steiner, Th. and F.E. Würgler. Oocyte stages in newly hatched females of some mus and mei mutants.

Stevens, P.G. and E.A. Carlson. Chromosome mosaics induced in ring-X by ethylmethane sulfonate and by X-rays in D. melanogaster.

Takamura, T., H. Hayashi, A. Yokoyana and I. Shimada. D. melanogaster can taste amino acids.

Temin, R.G. and R. Kreber. A look at SD (Segregation Distorter) in the wild population in Madison, Wisconsin, more than 20 years after its initial discovery there.

Tobari, I. and M. Murata. Fertility load and frequency of lethal second chromosomes in Drosophila populations with radiation histories.

Traut, H. An approximate χ2 test as applied to mutation experiments with D. melanogaster.

Triantaphyllidis, C.D. The esterase-A of D. auraria.

Triantaphyllidis, C.D. Genetic localization of Est-C, Acph and w genes of D. auraria.

Tribe, J. and I.R. Bock. Drosophila collections in southeastern Australia.

Tripathy, N.K., D.P. Dasmohapatra and C.C. Das. Chromosomal polymorphism in D. ananassae.

Trippa, G., A. Loverre and N. Lepore. Segregation distortion of second chromosomes by a wild third chromosome in D. melanogaster: modifier or SD gene?

Tsakas, S.C. Chromosomal breaks and alteration in staining observed in vitro after ultrasonication of salivary glands of D. subobscura species.

Turner, M.E. A laboratory overwintering experiment with D. montana and D. pseudoobscura.

Valente, V.L.S., C.C.R. Saavedra, A.M. De Araujo and N.B. Morales. Observations on the attraction of Drosophila species for different baits and chromosomal polymorphism in D. willistoni.

van Delden, W. and A. Kamping.Selection against an Adh null allele.

van Dijk, H. The relationship between ADH activity and body weight in D. melanogaster.

Vasudev, V. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Effect of Dithane M-45 on rate of developmentand viability in D. melanogaster.

Vasudev, V. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Effect of aspirin on D. melanogaster. II.Non-induction of sex-linked recessive lethals.

Vasudev, V. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Preliminary studies on the effects of cadmium chloride on D. melanogaster.

Vijayan, V.A. and N.B. Krishnamurthy. Reduction of oviposition by a polycyclic hydrocarbon in D. melanogaster.

Villa, T.G. and W.T. Starmer. Some carbohydrases present in axenic larvae of D. mojavensis.

Wheeler, M.R. Are the new species described in DIS validly published?

Wijsman, E.M. The effect of ether on mating behavior in D. simulans y w.

Williams, J.M. Tumorigenesis in D. melanogaster bearing the temperature-sensitive mutation shibiretsl.

Wu, C.K. and P. Smith. Calcium cyclamate induced lethal effect and genetic damagein spermatocytes of Drosophila.

Xamena, N., R. Marcos and A. Creus. Effect of mating system on disruptive selection.

Yoo, B.H., J.J. Moth and J.S.F. Barker. Abdominal bristle numbers and sex-dimorphism ratios in different Drosophila species.

Young, D.J., D.C. Vacek and W.B. Heed. The facultatively anaerobic bacteria as a source of alcohols in three breeding substrates of cactophilic Drosophila.

Zacharopoulou, A., C. Yannopoulos and N. Stamatis. Cytological localization in the "cn" (cinnabar) locus in D. melanogaster.

Zouros, E. An autosome-Y chromosome combination that causes sterility in D. mojavensis x D. arizonensis hybrids.





Allemand, R., J. Biston and P.M. Mallet. An apparatus for recording free-running oviposition rhythm in Drosophila.

Band, H.T. A method for growing Chymomyzaamoena in the laboratory.

Band, H.T. A medium for growing Chymomyzaamoena in the laboratory.

Baumann, J.L. and W.L. Bischoff. A rapid reliable assay for glucose and fructosespecific hexokinases in crude extracts of D. melanogaster.

Bouletreau, M. and P. Fouillet. An accurate and reliable olfactometer.

Bouletreau, M. and O. Terrier. A device for getting rid of excess adult flies.

Crespi, O. and S. Crespi. A simple method for electron-microscope visualization of D. melanogaster embryo polysomes.

Done, J.H. and D.B. McGregor. A simple device for Drosophila containment during exposure to gases or vapors.

Graf, U. An easy way to test for ring configuration of ring-X chromosomes in D. melanogaster.

Gupta, A.P. A new technique for collecting Drosophila eggs.

Kekic, V. Maze for the study of phototaxic behavior in Drosophila.

McInnis, D.O. Estimation of the attractive radius for a Drosophila collection trap.

Platt, S.A. and M. Holliday. A versatile apparatus for the demonstration of andselective breeding for discrimination learning in individual D. melanogaster.

Seecof, R.L. An apparatus for rinsing Drosophila eggs.