About Us

Our goal is to bring the excitement and knowledge of astronomy to Oklahoman’s at large. Though star parties, panel sessions, and demonstrations, we can help engage fellow citizens in the wonderful world of SCIENCE! Best of all, its free of charge.

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To continue our work we need funding for equipment, gas, loddging, and volunteer pay. We are very greateful and thankful for any donations you are willing to supply. To donate please click here and search for Lunar Sooners. Any questions can be addressed to lunarsooners@ou.edu.

Star Parties

Star parties are one of the most common ways astronomers engage the public, and Lunar Sooners is no different. With your own eyes, you can see planets, moons, distant stars and even galaxies! We have access to several portable 8 inch telescopes can be transported across the state. Additionally, the University of Oklahoma observatory has a permanently mounted 16 inch telescope on campus. Feel free to contact us if you wish to have us host a star party for you. We can travel, or if you would like to check out our observatory, come to Norman. We also host a weekly star partys every Wednesday during the school year at the observatory, Feel free to stop by!

Panel Discussions

Many people have burning questions such as: What is dark energy? How hot is the sun really? How do stars form? One the best ways to answer these questions is to hold panel discussions, where graduate students and faculty members give expert answers to your burning questions. These are great events for boy scouts, girl scouts, and schools! We have also had linked panel sessions and star parties.


Many times, nothing is better than hands on learning. To facilitate this, we have a smattering of demonstrations covering many areas of astronomy such as phases of the moon, meteorites, craters, scale of the solar system, spectroscopy and many others. These are ideal for classes, or some other event where weather or that pesky Sun gets in the way of having a star party.


Ever want to visit a planetarium but don't have one close to you? No problem with our protable planetarium known as Soonertarium! You can learn about the phases of the moon by orbiting Earth, see the foreign landscape of Mars all around you, and visit all 8 planets (plus Pluto). Soonertarium is perfect for classes, and currently have a program designed specifically to fit into the 5th grade Oklahoma carriculum on the phases of the moon. Please contact us if you are interested!