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Petroleum & Geological Engineering

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The Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering (“MPGE”), located within the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, is one of the oldest and ranks among the top three programs in the nation. MPGE’s rigorous curriculum prepares students for work in a far-reaching industry that supports much of the heartland. Students receive a firm foundation in contemporary oil and gas issues, extraction methods, engineering processes, resource development and advanced course work in the three primary petroleum engineering specializations: Drilling Engineering, Production Engineering and Reservoir Engineering.

Top Stories

Students and Faculty Attend Conference in Canada

Faculty, students, and staff attended the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) in Calgary, Canada. 

Attendees were able to network with 5,000 professionals, attend 300 technical presentations, and meet with 200 exhibitors. 

More information about SPE's ATCE can be found in the link below:

OU MPGE Receives Prestigious Award

Natural Gas Engineering Degree Online

The University of Oklahoma is being awarded with the Platinum Corporate Support Award from Society Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Oklahoma City section. 

Other companies receiving this prestigious award are Schlumberger , Halliburton, Chesapeake, and Reservoir Data Systems. This award is a token of appreciation for all the support OU, especially MPGE, has given to the local SPE section. Many of the OU faculties have contributed in writing and presenting SPE papers in the past few years. In addition, MPGE faculties (Drs. Sondergeld, Mohganloo, Teodoriu, and Salehi) have received SPE regional awards in 2018. Two of the faculties have served on SPE officers board since 2016. Dr. Salehi served as SPE officer and chairman. Recently, Dr. Karami is serving in the SPE OKC officers board.  Needless to mention the support that OU SPE student section and all student officers have provided by serving as volunteers in different SPE OKC venues. Special thanks to Francey Freeman, Sonya Grant and past director, Dr. Rai  for all the support they have provided for SPE student section through the years.

Faculty Awards

  • Carl Sondergeld: Regional Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty, Society of Petroluem Engineers
  • Catalin Teodoriu: Regional Drilling Award, Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Deepak Dewvegowda: Graduate Award for Outstanding Service to Graduate Students, OU Graduate College
  • Danika Hines-Barnett: Graduate Award for Outstanding Support to Graduate  Education, OU Graduate College
  • Ahmad Ghassemi - Recognition of Excellence, Department of Energy
  • Chandra Rai – Distinguished Technical Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty, Society of Petrophysicistsand Well Log Analysts
  • Rouzbeh Moghanloo  Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award, Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Saeed Salehi – Regional Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Award, Society of Petroleum Engineers