The human genome is complete and the scientific community is closing in on the genomic inventory of the microflora that human life depends on. The University of Oklahoma's Advanced Center for Genome Technology (ACGT) has played an important role in revealing the essence of life processes. We are actively engaged in the sequence and functional annotation of several genomes of health and agricultural importance. In addition to the genome center databases, the OU Bioinformatics Core Facility hosts the world's largest E. coli Gene Expression database.

The OU ACGT provides the powerful tools of genomics and functional genomics to researchers at the University of Oklahoma and information to users around the world. Under the direction of Drs. Bruce Roe and Tyrrell Conway, the facility has been designated a Genome Center by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NIH-NHGRI) since 1990 and provides a comprehensive microarray core facility and database that handles all aspects of this complex technology seamlessly.

20 May ‘11
GenExpDB ver 2.0 released!    Version 1 still available here

16 Sep ‘08
The E. coli community gene expression data are now available at GenExpDB, hosted by the University of Oklahoma in partnership with EcoliHub.org. All published E. coli microarray experiments were downloaded from public repositories, manually curated to force uniformity, and normalized to allow data-mining across the database. Where it was possible, replicate samples were averaged according to the meta-data provided by contributors to GEO and the associated journal articles. More than 1900 samples and 800 experiments from over 110 GEO Accessions are currently available. We hope you will find this E. coli gene expression resource useful for your research.

16 Sep ‘08
The old E.coli GenExp data are still available at EcoliGenExp

16 Sep ‘08
EcoliHub Version 1.6 coming soon!

04 Dec ‘06
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Laboratory for Genomics and Bioinformatics
Newsletter online !

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