Please review the submission guidelines below prior to submitting a manuscript to the Undergraduate Biological Sciences Journal.




Within the scope of the biological sciences. May include topics related to biochemistry/chemistry, microbiology, animal and plant biology, and anthropology.


If you are uncertain about whether your research is appropriate for publication in the Undergraduate Biological Sciences Journal, please contact us at or at




Research articles should be 5-20 pages in length, double spaced. Other types of articles, e.g., reviews, opinions, and essays, are also acceptable submissions and should be of sufficient length to address the topic at hand. If you feel that you can make a contribution to the biological sciences community in fewer or more pages, or via a format not listed here, please still consider submitting your manuscript for review.




- Concise, descriptive title

- 12 pt Times New Roman or equivalent font

- Single column

- Double spaced

- 1" margins

- Figures should be placed in the text reasonably close to where they are discussed

- Manuscripts should be submitted in an editable file format, e.g., Microsoft Word or LaTeX




Submitted manuscripts should reflect the original work of an OU undergraduate student or students and should clearly identify at least one research advisor. The identified research advisor(s) must consent to the submission of the manuscript to the OU UBSJ. This should be accomplished by having the advisor sign a physical copy of the manuscript. Send both a scanned copy of the signed manuscript and an editable version of the manuscript to UBSJ.


Note to authors: Please identify, in the manuscript or in your submission email, your department and a permanent email address as well as your advisor(s) department(s) and email address(es).




Submitted manuscripts should reflect original research. Please consult for University guidelines regarding academic integrity.




Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication in the Undergraduate Biological Sciences Journal are encouraged to deposit their work into SHAREOK, an open-access joint institutional repository for the University of Oklahoma (OU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) Libraries. Visit the SHAREOK website for more information.


Review process


Submitted articles will be sent out to the undergraduate review board for initial review within one (1) week of receipt. Reviewers are given two (2) weeks to determine whether the article is appropriate for the UBSJ and to suggest any edits to the manuscript. The manuscript and corresponding edits will then be forwarded to the faculty advisory committee for further review. A decision will be sent to the author(s) of the manuscript within one (1) month of receipt. Any questions concerning the review process should be sent to or to





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