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Parent and Family Programs

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Greetings parents and families of new Sooners! We invite you to join us at one of our Parent and Family Orientations this summer.

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Parent and Family Programs partners with students’ families to help them thrive at OU, on campus and in life. We strive to welcome, connect, and refer families to the resources they need to ensure their students succeed.

About Us

Sooner Parents keeps you connected to campus and enhances your student's OU experience. Enjoy a stronger connection to The University of Oklahoma by becoming a member today!

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Parent and Family Orientation


Greetings parents and families of new Sooners!

Join us at one of our Parent and Family Orientations
this summer: July 12-13 or July 19-20

How to Register

"The Sooner Parent Inaugural event was incredible!
So informative, fun, and brilliant...the staff, the topics, and the overall bonding experience
is integral to our initiation / orientation into the OU family. Thank you so much!
...We are just beyond thrilled and impressed! We feel so much better about our
one and only being dropped off on August 17 for his new Sooner Life!"

- Jamie Fitzgerald (Incoming Sooner Parent)

Sooner Parents

sooner parents

Sooner Parents keeps you connected and enhances your student's OU experience! We hope that you’ll join Sooner Parents and benefit from the e-newsletters, access to purchase football tickets, scholarships and local discounts for students of members-only!

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Buy your official Oklahoma Parent Shirt today!

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Welcome to the OU Family!


Welcome to the OU Family! As part of your student’s support system, you play a critical role in helping your student succeed from orientation through graduation.  We are eager to partner with you in that effort- providing resources, education programs, and opportunities to connect your family to the diverse range of experiences available at OU.

Programs and Services


Dad's Day and Mom's Day


There are two parent and family weekends:
Dad's Day in the fall: Nov. 16-18
Dad's Day

Mom's Day in the spring: Apr. 5-7
Mom's Day

While honoring dads and moms, both weekends have activities for the entire family.
Moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, and the whole family is welcome!
Both weekends are hosted and planned by Campus Activities Council (CAC).

Sooner Parent Calendar 2017-2018

parent guide


We hope you enjoy this calendar with beautiful photos of campus and student life! There is also important dates and information included.

See the 2017-2018 Calendar

OU Parent & Family Guide 2018-2019

parent guide


Our goal is to share helpful, timely information about your student’s college experience and to connect you to relevant campus and community resources.

See the 2018-19 Publication

OU Parents 101: Learning with your Freshman


alt text

Student Affairs wants to keep you, the parent, connected. By providing you the information needed to stay informed and aware of what your student is doing and/or needing to do throughout the semester, your student's experience will be heightened, their success at the University fully supported, and their opportunities, endless. Here you can find all the information you need to remain an engaged, supportive parent and/or guardian of your new Sooner. This course highlights dates, events, campus services, and tips for parents of new University of Oklahoma students.

Download the iTunes U Course