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Sooner Parents

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Welcome to Sooner Parents!

Sooner Parents keeps you connected to campus and enhances your student's OU experience.  The purpose of Sooner Parents is to:

  • Provide the parents, guardians and other supporters of University of Oklahoma students an opportunity to learn more about the organization and policies of the university
  • Bring about closer cooperation between students, parents, faculty, administrative officials and regents of the university
  • Provide an organization through which parents may collectively organize their efforts in support of students and their educational experience
  • Provide an agency through which authorities of the university may more effectively present objectives, aims and needs to the public at large
We hope that you’ll join Sooner Parents and benefit from the e-newsletters, access to purchase football tickets, scholarships and local discounts for students of members-only!
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A Message from the Sooner Parents President

Greetings from Sooner Parents and welcome to the University of Oklahoma!

All parents and family members know the great pride and joy they have as they send their children off to college. Years of investing in their hopes and dreams, late nights of homework and co-curricular activities, watching them grow and become young adults all come to pass in what feels like a single moment in time. Knowing that your son or daughter will be away from home can leave you feeling a little anxious and seem a little daunting...until you realize they will be at the University of Oklahoma.

Steeped in great academic tradition, OU also offers a strong sense of community. Your student will find opportunities to build great relationships with other students, faculty, and staff while taking advantage of the unique resources that can be found all over campus to help them reach their goals and aspirations.

Sooner Parents is your organization, and we are here for you! As OU's official parent's association, we provide many helpful resources for our members and their students.

My husband, John and I have had the honor to send both of our sons to OU, our alma mater. As fourth generation Sooners, they have both successfully finished their undergraduate degrees are now pursuing their masters’ degrees. Each of them has had fulfilling and enriched campus experiences, both academically and personally, that will be the foundation on which they create their future success. As you begin this journey with your student, I wholeheartedly encourage you to join Sooner Parents. Please contact me if I can be of any help to your family.


Mariann Lawson
Sooner Parents President
Norman, Oklahoma