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Will Drover

Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
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Will Drover

Assistant Professor

Will Drover

Department: Tom Love Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Office: Price Hall 3050J
Phone: (405) 325-5733
Address: 307 W. Brooks Room B6
Norman, OK 73019

Dr. Drover teaches and researches in the area of high-growth entrepreneurship. His research primarily focuses on new venture financing, including angel investing, venture capital and crowdfunding. His work also explores the intersection of neuroscience and entrepreneurship. Drover’s work has been published in several leading peer-reviewed journals, receiving best paper recognition on four occasions. His research has received attention by the press, including multiple features in Forbes, the National Venture Capital Association SmartBrief, among others. Dr. Drover has also received recognitions in the classroom, such as the University of Oklahoma’s Roberson Award for Teaching Excellence. Professor Drover has delivered several invited talks on the topic of entrepreneurship that include the keynote address to one of the world's largest angel investor symposiums at Microsoft in Silicon Valley. In addition, Drover has led consulting projects for the U.S. Department of State on four occasions, and is also an international instructor in the SBA/Department of Defense's Boots to Business program, teaching business courses on military bases around the world. Professor Drover remains active in practice as an angel investor in early-stage technology startups. Prior to OU, Drover was a Visiting Scholar at Babson College in Boston. Drover was a pole vaulter at the University of Missouri, and more recently stays active as an avid kiteboarder, wakeboarder, and 10-time triathlete.


  • University of Oklahoma Entrepreneurship Research Excellence Award
  • University of Oklahoma Roberson Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Instructor, SBA/Department of Defense's Boots to Business Military Training Program (on international military bases)
  • Project Lead (x4): U.S. Department of State Diplomacy Lab
  • University of Oklahoma Junior Faculty Fellow
  • Angel Resource Institute Research Fellow
  • University of Oklahoma Risser Innovative Teaching Fellow
  • Price College of Business Research Grant. Project funded: “Bridging Neuroscience and Entrepreneurship: A first look into the neurological underpinning of decision making within the entrepreneurial context"
  • Visiting Scholar, Babson College
  • Selected for best paper proceedings: Academy of Management and the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
  • Best Doctoral Student Paper Award: Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division


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