Internal Research Prices for the 2005-2006 Academic Year

Charges for use:Cost per hour:
Scanning electron microscopy:
Conventional SEM (LEO DSM-960A):$25.00
High resolution SEM (JSM-880 SEM):$36.04* **
Transmission electron microscopy:
Conventional TEM (Zeiss 10 TEM):$30.00*
Intermediate voltage STEM (JEOL 2000-FX):$43.54* **
Preparation costs:Per run:
Critical point drying (CO2 costs and cylinder costs)$20.00
Sputter coating (sputtering head, Argon and cylinder costs)$5.00
Platinum-carbon replication/shadow coating (JFD-9000)$5.00
Cryogenics use:Per day:
Propane jet freezing (liquid N2 usage)$25.00
Freeze-fracture, metal mirror, spray freezing (liquid N2 usage)$10.00
Cryoultramicrotomy (liquid N2 usage)$25.00
Quarterly charges:
Miscellaneous supplies charge (minor user):$15.00
Miscellaneous supplies charge (major user):$35.00
X-ray analysis$15.00
Billable supplies:Cost:
Liquid nitrogen (per liter)$1.90
Osmium tetroxide (2 ml 4% in water)$3.50
Polaroid 665 film (SEM/negative)$1.65
Kodak SO163 film (TEM/negative)$0.95
Digital imaging (per CD-R)(included)
Other major supplies (manuals, forceps, etc.)at cost

*Plus LN2 charge of 1 L/hr of beam time, and $1.60/hr for LaB6 usage, as appropriate

(These costs are revised according to prevailing prices each new fiscal year.)

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