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Staff Senate Committees

Standing Committees

Awards Committee

Communications Committee

Staff Initiatives Committee

Staff Week Committee

University Councils, Committees and Boards

Athletics Council
David Goodspeed, Information Technology (2014-2018)

Budget Council
Rachel Tucker, Vice President of Research (2014-2017)
Andrea Flores, College of Earth and Energy (2016-2019)

Committee on Discrimination and Harassment
Marilyn Korhonen, Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment (2014-2017)
Genevieve Schmitt, International and Area Studies (2014-2017)
Francisco Rodriquez, Liberal Studies (2015-2018)
Kenneth M. Chapman Jr, Price College of Business (2016-2019)
Angela Nicholson, CCE Video and Broadcast Services (2016-2019)

Employment Benefits Committee
Debbie Copp, Athletic Department (2014-2018)
Chris McNabb, Financial Services (2016-2020)

Environmental Concerns Committee
Susan Dubbs, Center for Research and Program Development and Enrichment (2014-2017)
Michelle Burke, Music (2015-2018)

Fitness and Recreation Advisory Committee
Kevin Henry, Athletic Department (2016-2018)

Goddard Advisory Board
Will Spain, Provost Office (2014-2017)

Information Technology Council
Chris Cook, CAPS (2014-2017)
Stephen Crynes, UC major Exploration (2015-2018)
Carl Grant, University Libraries (2016-2019)

Publications Board
Melissa Caperton, Public Affairs (remaining 2014-2017 term)

Shared Leave Committee
Julie Hamburger, College of Arts and Sciences (2014-2017)
Suzie Brewer, Internal Audit (2015-2018)
Juliana Smith, Athletic Department (2016-2019)

Speakers Bureau
Heather Arnett, College of Continuing Education (2014-2017)
Amanda Tietze Adams, Weitzenhoffer College of Fine Arts (2016-2019)

Student Conduct Hearing Panel Pool
Kelcey Cole, Athletics (filling remainder of 2015-2017 term)
Aaron Jones, Liberal Studies (2015-2017)
Patricia Kessler, Institutional Research & Reporting (2015-2017)
Larissa Mainers, Fitness and Recreation (2015-2017)
Kellie Dyer, Admissions (2015-2017)
Sarah Shipman, Admissions (2016-2018)
Marissa Pierson, Facilities Management (2016-2018)
Dalton Brasington, Petroleum and Geological Survey(2016-2018)
Jessie Tate, Provost Office (2016-2018)
Faustina Layne, Human Research Participant Protection (2016-2018)

Tobacco and Parking Violation Appeals Committee
Caleb Groves, College of Continuing Education (2014-2017)
Jonathan Dewhirst, Fitness and Recreation Intramurals (2016-2019)


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