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Staff Senate Committees

Standing Committees

Awards Committee

Communications Committee

Staff Initiatives Committee

Staff Week Committee

University Councils, Committees and Boards

Athletics Council
Clay Michael Wesley, Graduate College (filling un expired portion of 2011-2014 term)

Budget Council
Erin Wolfe, University Research Cabinet (2011-2014)
Rebecca Norris, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (2013-2016)

Committee on Discrimination and Harassment
Eileen Hasselwander, CAPS (2010-2014)
Kye LeBoeuf, Education Abroad (2011-2014)
Michelle Burke, Registration & Classroom Scheduling (2012-2015)
Alicia Knoedler, Center for Research Program Development & Enrichment (2013-2016)
Melanie Norris, CIMMS (2013-2016)

Employment Benefits Committee
Debbie Copp, Athletic Department (2010-2014)
Jannie Porter, CEAP Administration (2012-2016)

Environmental Concerns Committee
Marc Jensen, CEAP Administration (2011-2014)
Aparna Bamzai, South-Central Climate Science Center(filling un expired portion of 2012-2015)

Film Review Committee
Demetrick Jones, Southwest Prevention Center (2013-2015)

Fitness and Recreation Advisory Committee
Lucy Trautman, E-Team (2012-2014)

Goddard Advisory Board
Rhonda Kyncl, College of Arts and Sciences (2011-2014)

Information Technology Council
Chad Bailey, Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education (2011-2014)
Mark Jones, Budget Office (2012-2015)
Carl Grant, University Libraries (2013-2016)

Patent Advisory Committee
Marilyn Korhonen, Center for Research Program Development & Enrichment (2013-2016)

Publications Board
Dana Crussel, Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum (2011-2014)

Shared Leave Committee
LaDonna Sullivan, Carl Albert Center (2011-2014)
Leslie Flenniken, Office of Research Administration (2012-2015)
Kim Haddad, Information Technology (2013-2016)

Speakers Bureau
Joshua Butcher, Residence Life (2011-2014)
Vicki Thompson, Library Acquisitions (2013-2016)

Student Conduct Hearing Panel Pool
Vicki Thompson, Acquisitions (2012-2014)
Adrienne Jablonski, College of Arts and Sciences (2012-2014)
Brian Ringer, Student Media (2012-2014)
John Meier, Atmosphere Radar Research Center (2012-2014)
Janet Miller, College of Liberal Studies (2012-2014)
Julie Hamburger, College of Arts and Sciences (2013-2015)
Charlene Shreder, Southwest Prevention Center (2013-2015)
Susannah Livingood, Institutional Research and Reporting (2013-2015)
Scott Mauldin, Modern Languages (2013-2015)
Jenny Kyser, Advanced Programs (2013-2015)

Tobacco and Parking Violation Appeals Committee
Jeffery Wall, IT Merrick (2012-2014)
Sheppard McConnell, Prospective Student Services (2013-2016)

University Copyright Committee
Jin Jo Garton, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art (2013-2016)


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