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Staff Senate Committees

Standing Committees

Awards Committee

Communications Committee

Staff Initiatives Committee

Staff Week Committee

University Councils, Committees and Boards

Athletics Council
Erin Wolfe, Graduate Programs (filing remaining 2018-2022 term)

Budget Council
Anna Vakulick, Information Technology (filling remaining 2016-2019 term)
Linda Patison, Student Affairs (2017-2020)

Committee on Discrimination and Harassment
Kenneth M. Chapman Jr, Price College of Business (2016-2019)
Angela Nicholson, CCE Video and Broadcast Services (2016-2019)
Breea Clark, Provost Office (2017-2020)
Leslie Vennochi, Financial Aid Services (filling remaining 2017-2020 term)
Patrick McClain, Outreach and Extended Campus (2018-2021)

Employment Benefits Committee
Chris McNabb, Financial Services (2016-2020)
Matthew Rom, Facilities Management (2018-2022)

Environmental Concerns Committee
Sara Mata, Oklahoma Biological Survey (2017-2020)
Koretta McArthur, Graduate Programs (2018-2021)

Fitness and Recreation Advisory Committee
Katherine Qualls Fay, Goddard Health Center (2018-2021)

Goddard Advisory Board
Linda Kelly, Graduate College (2017-2020)

Information Technology Council
Carl Grant, University Libraries (2016-2019)
Jeff Boles, College of Continuing Education (2017-2020)
Eric Boyd, Financial Aid Services (2018-2021)

Publications Board
John Sarantakos, Printing, Mailing, & Document Production (2017-2020)

Shared Leave Committee
Carrie Clark, Risk Management (filling remaining 2016-2019 term)
Marissa Pierson, Facilities Management (2017-2020)
Suzie Brewer, Internal Audit (2018-2021)

Speakers Bureau
Amanda Tietze Adams, Weitzenhoffer College of Fine Arts (2016-2019)
Megan Denney, Health and Exercise Science (2017-2020)

Student Conduct Hearing Panel Pool
Adrienne Jablonski, College of Arts and Sciences (2017-2019)
Lauren Eichinger, Advanced Programs (2017-2019)
Debra Vaughn, Earth and Energy (2017-2019)
Kelli Brown, Department of Public Safety (2017-2019)
Danielle Ciccaglione, Financial Services (2017-2019)
Ross Mehl, Registration and Records (2018-2020)
Anna Steele, Academic Advising (2018-2020)
Erin Wolfe, Strategic Initiatives (2018-2020)
Sarah Shipman, Admissions (2018-2020)
Thomas Beard, Human Resources (2018-2020)

Tobacco and Parking Violation Appeals Committee
Jonathan Dewhirst, Fitness and Recreation Intramurals (2016-2019)
Tanner Condley, Office for Equal Opportunity (2017-2020)


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