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University College academic counselors work with students to chart their academic course.

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University College offers six courses, from 0- to 3-credits, to help students build a strong foundation for academic success.

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ONE UNIVERSITY has partnered with UC Action to offer instant, one-on-one tutoring in over 25 subjects through the OU iPad app.

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Free, drop-in, by-appointment, in-person and on-line tutoring in over 85 courses available to OU students.

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Visit for resources to help students improve study skills and succeed academically at OU.

University College Mission

The mission of University College is to assist new students in making a successful transition to the University and in building a solid foundation for further academic success.

University College Departments

Meet the UC Staff

UC Staff, SEP

Meet the leaders of University College: Dean Campbell and Assistant Dean Portwood lead a staff whose mission is to help students succeed at OU.

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Reserve a Study Room

Wagner room scheduler

Wagner Hall has study rooms available for student reservation. Our downstairs "living room" and upstairs alcove are also great study spots!

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GPA Calculator

iPad Calculator

Use this online GPA Calculator to determine what grade you need in your current courses to get the GPA you want.


Major Exploration

student taking placement test

Seeking to change or add a major or minor? The UC Assessment Center offers online interest inventories and follow-up, one-on-one Major Coaching sessions with trained staff.

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