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Energy Security, the Developing World, and US-China Relations

Sino-American Security Dialogue
Sixth annual retreat

May 17-18, 2007
The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK



I. US Energy Policy and the World (READING: Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2001, Downs editorial 2006, Friedman skim)
QUESTIONS: What role does energy security play in overall US foreign policy today?

II. Chinese Energy Policy and the World (READING: Downs skim, Kong Bo skim)
MODERATORS: MEN Honghua, Fravel
QUESTIONS: What role does energy security play in overall Chinese foreign policy today?

III. US-China Energy Dynamics: Cooperation or Conflict? (READING: Mao, Friedberg skim)
MODERATORS: He Wenping, Carlson
QUESTIONS: Is energy predominantly a source of cooperation or conflict in US-China relations? Is insecurity primarily driven by objective or perceptual factors?

IV. US-China Energy Competition in the Middle East (READING: Leverett & Bader)
MODERATORS: WU Xinbo, Joshua Landis
QUESTIONS: What impact do the current conflicts in the Middle East have on US and Chinese perceptions of their energy security?

V. US-China Energy Competition in Africa and South America (READING: Economy; Gill & Reilly skim)
MODERATORS: FANG Changping, Kennedy
QUESTIONS: What impact do US and Chinese energy policies in the global south have on mutual perceptions in US-China relations?

VI. Policy Recommendations: Managing US-China Energy Competition in the Developing World
MODERATORS: MEN Honghua, Saunders
QUESTIONS: What areas present the best opportunity for US-China energy cooperation? Which areas are the most dangerous?


Carlson, Allen, Cornell University
FAN Jishe, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) American Studies
FANG Changping, Renmin University
Fravel, Taylor, MIT
Frazier, Mark, University of Oklahoma
Gries, Peter, University of Oklahoma
He Wenping, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) African Studies
JIN Canrong, People’s University of China
Kennedy, Scott, Indiana University
MEN Honghua, CCP Party School
Saunders, Phil, National Defence University
WANG Wenfeng, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR)
WANG Yong, Peking University
WU Xinbo, Fudan University
ZHANG Qingmin, China Foreign Affairs University


Wed., May 16
Afternoon and evening: arrive at OKC airport, transportation to Montford Inn (322 W. Tonhawa, Norman, OK  73069; Phone: 800-321-8969, 405-321-2200)
Dinner: meet at front desk at 6:30. Informal dinner at Hideaway Pizza.

Thursday, May 17
7-830: Breakfast at the Montford Inn
830: Meet at front desk for transportation to campus
9: Opening remarks (Peter Gries, Director, OU US-China Institute, and Paul Bell, Dean of OU Collegae of Arts and Sciences)
9:30: Session I
10:30: break
10:45: Session II
12-2: walk to lunch on patio at La Luna Mexican Cafe at Campus Corner
2-4: Session III
4: free time to enjoy campus
5: transportation to OKC
530: Oklahoma City National Memorial
6pm dinner at Nonna's Euro-American Ristorante and Bar (1 Mickey Mantle Dr. Oklahoma City, OK PH: 405.235.4410)
730pm: Baseball: Oklahoma Redhawks vs. Iowa Cubs, Bricktown Ballpark, OKC

Friday May 18
7-830: Breakfast at the Montford Inn
830: Meet at front desk for transportation to campus
9: Opening remarks
9:30: Session IV
10:30: break
10:45: Session V
12-2: lunch break. Location TBA.
2-4: Session VI
4-5: Fred Jones Museum of Art
6pm dinner at Benvenutis Restaurante (105 W Main St Norman, OK 73069 405.310-5271)
7:30: Baseball: Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Tech Roughriders, Norman OK

Saturday, May 19
7-9am: Breakfast at the Montford Inn
Check out and Airport Express transportation to OKC airport for return flights.