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Planned Program

Planned Program

Program Description

The Planned Program options offer students the opportunity to design a degree program that meets their own unique needs and interests, particularly when their interests diverge from the pre-determined options offered by the University. The Planned Program major is available in the areas of Social Sciences & Organizational Studies, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment, general Bachelor of Arts studies, and general Bachelor of Science studies.  Students in this major will work closely with an academic advisor in the development of their degree program and selection of appropriate courses for their concentration.

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Degree Options

General Bachelor of Arts/Science - Allows students to combine courses from departments that make up a specialized set of skills and knowledge for their specific academic and professional interests.  Some examples of specific majors designed by students would include:  Medical Sciences, Community Health, National Security, Athletic Administration, Counseling & Mediation, Law & Public Policy, and Non Profit Organizations & Special Needs Populations.

Interests & Skills

While the interests and skills of Planned Program students can be as diverse as the various degree options they design, there are some common skills gained from designing your own major.  Those skills include but are not limited to:  critical analysis of complex ideas, logical reasoning, analysis of cause and effect, critical thinking, understanding the perspective of diverse cultures, problem solving and decision making, organization, and clear communication skills.

Notable Achievements

Planned Program offers students the exciting and unique opportunity to customize their degree program to meet the comprehensive demands of developing career fields. With knowledge of such market demand, students could design a specialized program by melding courses from varying disciplines to create an interdisciplinary degree that would match an employer's specialized requirements.

Your Future

Types of Employers

The hiring institutions for Planned Program majors vary greatly based on a students’ specific degree plan.  Examples of employers for Planned Program majors have included health care organizations, consulting firms, foundations, government agencies, media outlets, and social service agencies.

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