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Freshman Admission

Freshman Admissions

This one place can take you anywhere.

We are excited you have chosen to learn more about the opportunities waiting for you at the University of Oklahoma. Through our freshman admissions process, you’ll discover our students strive for excellence beyond the classroom, beyond our research facilities, and beyond the playing field. 

2023 Freshman Class Profile

Application Opens

Early Action Admission Deadline

Final Scholarship Admission Deadline

Final Admission Deadline


The Application

Incoming freshmen can apply one of three ways to the University of Oklahoma, either through the OU Application, the Common Application, or Apply Coalition with Scoir. All applications are thoroughly read by an admissions counselor and are evaluated holistically regardless of application type. 

Please choose only one application and continue using that application throughout the entire process.

            OU Application             

      Common Application      

Apply Coalition with Scoir


Important Dates

AUG. 1
Admission application opens

NOV. 1 
Early action admission deadline & spring application deadline

FAFSA opens for fall

DEC. 15
Final scholarship admission deadline

FEB. 1
Final admission deadline

MAR. 1
Summer application deadline

APR. 30 
Final day to update ACT/SAT score

Enrollment deposit due

Deadline to schedule New Sooner Orientation

Admissions Materials

  1. Submit either the OU ApplicationCommon Application, or Apply Coalition with ScoirThis includes a $50, non-refundable application fee for domestic applicants.
  2. Make sure we have your supporting documents:
    • Official high school transcript that reflects at least six semesters of work completed and includes your GPA computed on an unweighted 4.0 scale and your class rank.
    • Test scores, either self-reported or official test scores sent to us through ACT and/or The College Board. Your test scores may also be included on your official high school transcript. For students applying for the fall 2021 through fall 2025 semesters, OU will practice a test-optional admissions process when reviewing applications.
    • Letter(s) of recommendation
    • Official copies of any AP or CLEP test scores
  3. Review requirements and other factors for admission decisions.
  4. Once the Office of Admissions & Recruitment has received your application and supporting documents, we will evaluate and verify your academic credentials. You should receive a notification of your admission decision through regular mail within four weeks if not sooner.

Holistic Admissions

The University of Oklahoma reviews freshman applications utilizing a holistic admissions process. This process considers several factors that predict academic success. These factors include high school GPA, academic rigor, ACT/SAT scores, engagement in academic and non-academic activities, writing ability, leadership, letters of recommendation, and more. The primary emphasis of the review is the student’s overall academic performance. This includes GPA, ACT/SAT scores, academic rigor, and class rank. Effective for students applying for the fall 2021 through fall 2025 semesters, OU will practice a test-optional admissions process when reviewing applications. OU will also superscore ACT/SAT scores and allow students to self report scores for admission and scholarship purposes. These scores must be verified at the time of enrollment. Beyond academic performance, the student’s essay, writing ability, and overall engagement are also strongly considered. Engagement could include community involvement, leadership experience, extracurricular activities, work experience, and exceptional talents. Finally, while not required, it is highly recommended that a student provides up to three letters of recommendation.

Pie chart broken into four colored sections. Starting with number one, the largest section, and going clockwise is a crimson section with the number one, a sky colored section with the number two, a leaf colored section with the number three, and a sand colored section with the number four.

crimson colored circle with the number one inside to represent academic rigor


GPA, ACT/SAT score (encouraged), course rigor, and class rank.

sky colored circle with the number two inside to represent engagement


Community involvement, leadership, extracurricular activities, work experience, and exceptional talents.

leaf colored circle with the number three inside to represent essay


Writing and self-expression measured through the essay.

sand colored circle with the number four inside to represent letter of recommendation


A letter of recommendation from a high school official.

The University of Oklahoma, with the approval of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, may alter admission requirements at any time, when it is in the best interest of the university and our students to do so.